10 Questions to Ask your Medical Waste Disposal Company

Before choosing a medical waste vendor ask them to answer the following questions and then compare the results to MedPro!

    1. Are they friendly, helpful and do you trust them?
    1. What will they charge if you have more medical waste than you expected?
    1. Can they assist you with safety compliance training and provide compliance resources?
    1. How will they provide documentation of properly disposed of medical waste?
    1. Do they offer on-call pickups, residential pickups or a mail back program?
    1. Are there any additional hidden fees or surcharges?
    1. If I make changes to my service agreement does it extend the length of my contract?
    1. How do they provide reliable service in your area?
    1. How will I get a hold of someone if I have a question or concern?
    1. Will my price increase over time?