Posted on June 23, 2014

Are you wasting time on your medical waste?

How could you make your medical waste disposal as efficient as possible? Below are a few tools that can help. With these tools you can…

1. Save time which you can spend doing something else.

2. Make things easier to find should you need them in the future.

3. Save paper and ink!

1. Online Compliance Management Portal

There are many benefits to managing your safety compliance online. With an online portal you can not only prove with a certificate that you’ve completed training but you can actually see that you watched each individual video clip and completed the related quiz because that is the only way you can move on. This accountability is an added bonus when it comes to OSHA audits.

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You can access it from anywhere, at any time. You can log into OSHA training online or manage safety data sheets from your desktop, laptop, mobile device or tablet.

It will not get lost or destroyed like paper documents. Your online safety compliance documents are safe from fire and water. In addition, when you store compliance documents online you can find them easily at a later date instead of having to sift through folders full of paper. In addition, it can’t get lost or misplaced. In fact, for employees to log in to training they don’t even need to remember a password they just use their email address.

It doesn’t take up any space. Not only will you not have binders full of paper cluttering up your shelves and cabinets, an online compliance solution doesn’t take up any space on your computer either. It is all hosted online which means there are no files taking up space.

It manages itself and never gets outdated. A good online portal managed by a company is constantly being updated with the newest and most up-to-date information possible. This means you never have to worry about the training getting outdated. You can make sure that your certification is never out of date as well. Online portals can usually be set up to send you reminders and alerts when it’s time to renew your training.

2. Online Payments and Auto Pay

Managing your payments online is also a great way to make your medical waste management more efficient. In addition to saving paper and ink by not requiring printed invoices and bills, there is no chance of the envelope getting lost or misplaced. Plus, your patients will thank you for taking another eco-friendly step toward saving our planet.


3. Online Manifest Portal

MedPro has a state of the art manifest portal that allows most of our customers to receive, retrieve and store their manifests securely online. Before an online solution, you would have to wait for your manifests to be mailed to you. While some state laws and regulations still require printed and mailed manifests, most practices are eligible for online waste destruction documents. Organize and find manifests quickly and easily and just like with online compliance, you don’t have to worry about paper manifests getting lost or damaged.

BONUS: multiple medical waste disposal locations spreadsheet

Dealing with medical waste disposal at multiple locations? Have practices across the city or across the state? Organize all your important information for each location (contact name, pickup date, etc.) on a spreadsheet so it’s all handy in one place. It makes managing multiple locations a breeze.

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