Posted on April 1, 2015

Who Needs Medical Waste Disposal?

Everybody knows hospitals and doctor’s offices need medical waste disposal, but did you know that your own home may need a place to dispose of waste? For diabetics, not having a proper way to dispose of used insulin needles is inconvenient, embarrassing, and even dangerous in many situations.

According to the Center for Disease Control 25 million people (8.3% of the population) in the United States has diabetes, and 1.9 million new cases are diagnosed yearly. Our independent research shows more than 3 MILLION pounds of medical waste is created every day in the US!

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If 8.3% of the population has diabetes, then in a school with 2,000 students as many as 160 children could have diabetes. If there is not a proper and clearly marked area to use and dispose of insulin needles the diabetic students may throw the needles in the garbage putting classmates and janitors in danger of being stuck – or even worse, carry the used needle on their person.

Police Departments

Just like schools, prisons and police departments would need a sharps disposal box for their employees and detainees. However, many police departments have a place to dispose of prescription or non-prescription medication you may have found or want to remove from your home. The Arlington, MA Police Department says that since 2011 they have discarded well over 20,000 pills.


Does your current office have a sharps disposal or biohazard disposal box? No? Most offices don’t! Even if none of your colleagues use or need one right now that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future, and you may hire somebody with diabetes or another chronic disease that requires them to use a sharps disposal box. Red_Bio_BagImagine hiring somebody with diabetes and not having a proper disposal area immediately. Considering it is illegal to throw needles in the garbage their only options would be to break the law or put themselves in danger by carrying the used needle with them throughout the day.

Also, as we all know, accidents happen. No matter how safe your office environment is you may one day have to clean up an accident that involves blood or other body fluids. Whether it is a bad nosebleed or somebody accidentally cuts themselves with scissors, throwing blood soaked towels into the regular garbage is unsafe for your other office employees. If you had a small biohazard collection bag on hand this wouldn’t be a problem!

Your Home!

If you don’t have a disease that requires you to use needles regularly you probably haven’t ever considered that your own house may need somewhere to safely discard needles but there are many reasons why having one on hand is a good idea. First, you never know if a guest of yours will need to use needles while they are staying at your house. As I said above, not being able to properly discard of needles can be dangerous and having a red box can save your guest from some unnecessary embarrassment. Secondly, most people can’t see the future. There are many medications that require a needle to use and having to either delay your medication or keep your needles somewhere unsafe until you can get a disposal box is dangerous.

Are there any times you have been somewhere and needed to dispose of biohazardous waste and not been able to? MedPro can help!


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Is there anywhere else you can think of that would require medical waste disposal? Let us know in the comments below.