Posted on April 7, 2014

Online Compliance: The Time Has Come

Things our compliance portal can help you with;

  • Training your employees regularly.
  • Creating a written Exposure Control Plan.
  • Easy MSDS/SDS storage and access.

Sure, we’re all used to binders with compliance resources labeled “OSHA” (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) being stacked on shelves and lining file cabinets around the office. However, the time for something better has arrived. With the gradual switch of all paper documents to digital, compliance training must be included. Here are a few reasons why this is a change you can be excited about!


1. Access Anywhere

A good online compliance portal can be accessed online from just about anywhere. Log in on your computer at work, your tablet on your lunch break, your laptop at home and your phone on the train! Being able to pause training courses and resume them later means you can complete the training at a time that works for you and don’t have to worry about being interrupted. Simply pick up where you left off by logging back in. Watch our video to learn more.

2. It’s Not Flammable

This one may seem funny but it’s somewhat serious. When your certification documents, safety plans, etc. are stored online, no fire can harm them. However, if you’re still using paper documents these can be easily destroyed by fire, water, or even a spilled cup of coffee. Imagine having to recreate all that work or recertify all your employees just because you no longer have the paper to prove you did it.

3. You Can’t Lose It

Similar to the fact that paper can be easily destroyed, it can also be lost or misplaced. Papers can wind up in the wrong folder or even accidentally be thrown away. With an online compliance portal, you never have to wonder where your training documents or safety data sheets will be.

4. It Doesn’t Take Up Space

Not only are books, binders and papers cumbersome and messy, they take up a ton of space. Before you know it you have shelves, file cabinets and desks lined with books and binders full of compliance related documents and training materials. Plus, while a computer program would take up “space” on your computer, an online portal does not!

5. OSHA Audit Protected

Similarly to the fact that paper documents can be easily lost or destroyed, with an online portal you can not only prove with a certificate that you’ve completed training but you can actually see that you watched each individual video clip and completed the related quiz because that is the only way you can move on. This accountability is an added bonus.

6. Never Gets Outdated – Manages Itself24

A good online portal managed by a company is constantly being updated with the newest and most up-to-date information possible. This means you never have to worry about adding to your impressive collection of binders with OSHA training materials that you’ve now started to store in closets and cabinets in the office kitchen. In addition to the training never getting outdated, you can make sure that your certification is never out of date as well. Online portals can usually be set up to send you reminders and alerts when it’s time to renew your training.

7. Interactive Search

Another benefit of most online portals is the search capability. While you used to have to flip through countless stacks of papers to find just what you needed, now you can simply type it into a search bar. For example, when searching for Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) you can now search by manufacturer or product to find what you’re looking for. What a time saver!

8. Help Section Available

OSHA training online may seem a little overhwelming at first. However, a good company that provides you with an online compliance portal will also provide you with help and guidance along the way. Have a question about HazCom changes? Having trouble finding a certain portion of the training? Instead of paging through binders of resources, simply ask and someone will be there to help you.


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