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ACO MeSave on Medical Waste Disposald Supply is partnered with MedPro Disposal to help you save on medical and biohazard waste disposal!

Do you feel like you are over-paying for your medical waste disposal service? MedPro has been helping practices across the country cut down o
n their medical waste disposal costs. In fact, clients are often shocked to discover that they can be paying 20-30% less than their current rates.  Besides the pricing, we will bring the superior customer service that you are used to experiencing with ACO Med Supply. We will provide you with a representative that will be able to understand your personal disposal needs and create a custom-tailored pick-up plan with no hidden prices.

We are committed to helping you save on all of your medical waste needs: 

      • Medical and Biohazard Waste Disposal
      • OSHA and Compliance Training
      • Sharps Disposal
      • Sharps and Pharmaceutical Mail Back

So if you  want to learn more about how MedPro can help you save on medical waste disposal, take a second and fill in the form! We will have one of our reps contacting you shortly with your free quote.

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