Posted on July 21, 2017

Even small healthcare facilities and private practices can have their fair share of office politics. After all, any time you get multiple people together, all with different communication styles and personalities, you’re going to have some drama every once in a while.

But, while the TV series “The Office” made office politics seem fun, the truth is, this needless drama takes time and energy away from more important issues, like helping patients and keeping the practice running smoothly.

With this in mind, here are some ways you can avoid office politics altogether.

Avoid Gossip at All Costs

Just as cancer feeds on sugar, office politics feeds on gossip, so avoid it like the swine flu. But how exactly do you do this? It’s a bit rude and awkward to suddenly walk away when someone else is speaking.

First, change the subject to something more productive or worthwhile to talk about. The more you do this, the more coworkers will pick up on your unwillingness to engage in that kind of conversation and they won’t come to you with gossip in the future.

Also, avoid common areas like the break room or lunch room when you know it’s crowded with all sorts of negative chatter. Best to sit and eat quietly at your desk.

Avoid Drama Queens

Besides gossip, you should also do your best to avoid drama. There are just some people who love conflict and have a compulsion to make mountains out of molehills. While you may be forced to work in the same office with them, you don’t have to confide in them or share any personal information with them. Once you’ve pegged someone as a drama queen, keep the conversation as neutral as possible. Yes, talk about the weather if you have to.

Vent at Home Instead of at Work

A common mistake people make is to vent their work frustrations at work. But when you do this, you’re just giving people ammo to shoot you with in the future. It’s best to save your venting for when you get home. Should your venting turn into a daily ritual, there may be a more serious work issue that needs attention.

If you follow these three tips you should be able to avoid office politics and get your work done more easily.