Office Manager Disposing Medical Waste

How Office Managers can save Money on Medical Waste Disposal

Medical supplies have also increased dramatically due to the medical equipment supply-chain shortage caused by the 2019 pandemic. The weight of these issues is then assigned to company purchasing and office managers in charge of purchasing and selecting medical waste suppliers, distributors, and disposal services.

Hands Holding Shredded Documents

List of Documents that Every Business Must Shred

Every business has documents and data that must be professionally shredded and destroyed. Any business must protect company data whether it is available to the public. Read this blog for a list of documents that every business must shred.

What you need to know about Formulary Automation and Management

Formulary Management is a process that allows physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to effectively use healthcare resources to reduce overall medical costs. A formulary system is an up-to-date list of medications and related products that contain guidelines, clinical information for both patients and healthcare professionals, dispensing information, and more.

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