How Docs Can Use Social Media Like a Pro 

Customer Service  |  September 18th, 2017

Are you engaging with current and prospective patient via social media? Are you sharing your knowledge on platforms like Youtube and LinkedIn, or shying away from connecting because of liability and privacy concerns?   With the right strategy and best practices, physicians have the most to gain by effectively using social media to market their practice. By leveraging the...READ ARTICLE

One Country Has Made it Illegal for Parents to Not Vaccinate Their Children

Customer Service  |  September 01st, 2017

Many people love its fashion, passionate culture, and delicious food, but, depending on your personal feelings about childhood vaccinations, you may not be so thrilled with Italy’s recent legislation. Despite a growing movement of people against vaccinations in the United States and other European nations, Italy has decided to heavily fine parents who refuse to...READ ARTICLE

How to Choose a Medical Waste Management Company

Cost of Service  |  August 21st, 2017

Choosing to partner with another service provider should never be taken lightly, particularly when selecting a medical waste management company. After all, you will be putting a lot of trust into the partner you choose, and choosing unwisely could result in numerous fines and penalties. Improper regulated medical waste disposal can cause the spread of...READ ARTICLE

Office Ally: Reviews, FAQs, Tutorials and Resources

Business  |  June 02nd, 2017

For a private practice, choosing an EHR, a clearinghouse, or a practice management system is no small feat. A wrong choice can mean lost time, lost reputation, frustrated staff, shrinking clientele, lost revenue, and even lawsuits. Office Ally is a very popular free option providing several different clinic management solutions, but is it the right...READ ARTICLE