How to Dispose of Various Prescription Medications

Pharmaceutical  |  August 02nd, 2017

According to numerous studies, an alarming amount of pharmaceutical drugs are ending up in our lakes, rivers, and drinking water. How do they get here? Improper disposal by consumers and healthcare providers. With so many different medications like over-the-counter medicines, controlled substances, non-controlled medications, and hazardous waste pharmaceuticals, it can be difficult to understand how...READ ARTICLE

Akathisia: 15 Things to Know About This Horrible Condition

Pharmaceutical  |  July 24th, 2017

Akathisia is not well understood. It’s a tortuous condition where the sufferer feels an incredible, irresistible restlessness. The feeling creates constant, repetitive movements like pacing, rocking back and forth, or swaying. Caused by antipsychotic or antidepressant drugs, the treatment for akathisia normally starts with stopping the medication. Tardive akathisia can start several months after beginning...READ ARTICLE

Full List of Azithromycin Recalls, FDA 2012-2017

Pharmaceutical  |  June 26th, 2017

There have been six major Azithromycin recall events from 2012 through 2017, as of 6/26/17. The biggest involved about 400,000 bottles of the popular antibiotic from Wockhardt USA. It’s somewhat daunting to find cleanly presented data on all Azithromycin recalls to date, due to somewhat convoluted FDA data presentation. Below, we’ve simplified all Azithromycin recall...READ ARTICLE

Full List of Amlodipine Recalls, FDA 2012-2017

Pharmaceutical  |  June 26th, 2017

There have been nine major Amlodipine recalls since 2012 and seven minor ones. There are actually 49 FDA recall orders for the popular generic, but that’s because each major recall is made up of several orders each. This drug has a much rockier recall history than most of the other most common generics. The biggest...READ ARTICLE

Full List of FDA Losartan Recalls Through 2017

Pharmaceutical  |  June 26th, 2017

To date there have been 12 total Losartan recalls from the FDA, with eight of them stemming from two separate events. The largest recall, made up of three distinct orders, affected over 90,000 bottles of the popular generic. Finding info on any given Losartan recall can take a bit of work, thanks to the way...READ ARTICLE

Full List of Metformin Recalls, FDA 2012-2017

Pharmaceutical  |  June 26th, 2017

Metformin is a popular generic, widely used and generally well tolerated for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Despite being made by dozens of manufacturers around the world, to date there have been only 15 recalls of the popular drug, with most being minor. The exceptions are a 27,000 kilo recall from Smruthi Organics in...READ ARTICLE

Full List of All Levothyroxine Recalls, FDA 2012-2017

Pharmaceutical  |  June 19th, 2017

To date there have been 12 major recalls of Levothyroxine, amounting to 2.7 million bottles. The biggest was from King Legacy in 2013 for 1.18 million bottles. The most recent was a 2017 recall that affected just 90 capsules. Finding info on a certain Levothyroxine recall can be tough. Below, we’ve simplified all data on...READ ARTICLE

Full List of All Atorvastatin Recalls, FDA 2012-2017

Medical Waste Disposal  |  June 15th, 2017

This article gives details for all 33 recalls of Atorvastatin since it went generic in 2012, paying special attention to the four major recalls involving 50,000 to 2.4 million bottles each. Atorvastatin, the generic form of Lipitor, is actually Atorvastatin Calcium, but for simplicity’s sake, it’s most often referred to simply as Atorvastatin. One of...READ ARTICLE

Full List of All Omeprazole Recalls, FDA 2012-2017

Pharmaceutical  |  June 15th, 2017

Omeprazole is generic Prilosec, a popular drug for lowering stomach acid production. It has seen 11 relatively minor recalls since hitting the generic market in 2012. The biggest involved just shy of 15,000 kits and originated from CutisPharma in 2016. Below, we’ve simplified the recall data for each of these 11 events, including manufacturers, dates,...READ ARTICLE

Full List of All Simvastatin Recalls, FDA Through 2017

Medical Waste Disposal  |  June 15th, 2017

To date there have been ten recalls of Simvastatin. They’ve all been relatively minor compared to recalls of some other popular generics, such as Lisinopril with over a million bottles recalled in one case. By contrast, the biggest Simvastatin recall so far affected just over 54,000 bottles. The biggest recall of the popular lipid-control drug...READ ARTICLE