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The Latest Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Updates

May 2020

In accordance with an extended stay-at-home order issued from the Governor of Illinois, MedPro Disposal has implemented a remote work policy despite our designation as an essential service. Our headquarters remain open for a handful of essential staff while we continue to adhere to workplace guidance provided by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the CDC Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers. Our business is otherwise operating as normal, with our sales and customer advocate teams now working remotely with all phone and support ticket systems setup to route directly to available agents. Our medical waste disposal service continues to operate as normal, although we have implemented additional preventative measures to ensure the health and safety of our waste removal specialists. This will include more stringent controls around only accepting waste that has been properly packaged and is in full compliance with our Waste Acceptance Policy. As such, your waste may be rejected if it does not adhere to the guidelines found in our policy.

Important: Please see the update below if your facility is treating patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

Customer Support
Our corporate offices remain open to essential staff and to accept correspondence via mail. Otherwise, our phone system is now forward inbound calls to remote sales, customer service, operations, and finance team members. While we do not anticipate any significant delay in responding to customer inquiries, please be aware that response time may be slightly longer than usual. Submitting support tickets via the customer portal and communicating primarily via our email task notification alerts will likely be the best method of communication.

Additional Supplies

Should your facility require additional supplies such as biohazard containers and liners in support of increased facility sanitation procedures, please contact our Customer Advocate team directly by calling 866-924-9339 or opening a support ticket in our customer portal. You may also send an email to to open a ticket. If you need assistance accessing the portal, please contact us today.


For the health and safety of our operations team and to ensure uninterrupted service for all customers, please notify MedPro Disposal immediately if there has been a confirmed case of COVID-19 at your facility. This will allow us to implement protective measures to mitigate any risk of further exposure or spread.

Please call 866-924-9339 or send an email to to inform our team.

If treating COVID-19 patients, we are also asking that any known waste containers storing COVID-19 infected materials are identified by using a sharpie pen and clearly marking “CV” on the outside of the container. If you have plastic storage containers, please use tape and then write on the tape. This is in addition to notifying MedPro Disposal and informing the driver on-site of this waste, which helps us ensure that our treatment facilities are prepared.

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