Posted on September 18, 2017

Are you engaging with current and prospective patient via social media? Are you sharing your knowledge on platforms like Youtube and LinkedIn, or shying away from connecting because of liability and privacy concerns?  

With the right strategy and best practices, physicians have the most to gain by effectively using social media to market their practice. By leveraging the following tips, doctors can strike a good balance between being transparent while also conforming to the regulations of the industry. They will also be able to create scalable and profitable social media strategy to reach the right people in their extended network and build their career. 

  1. Teach

You have unique expertise so share it. No matter what social platform you choose to use, your main goal should be to help people and teach them about your specialty. How can people live a heart healthy life? How can we avoid diabetes? How can women have the best pregnancy? Share what you know to build your credibility and educate people.  

  1. Join LinkedIn Groups That Match Your Expertise

You can use LinkedIn’s search feature to find groups and communities that align with your expertise and professional interests. These LinkedIn groups offer a unique opportunity for medical professionals to discuss and share content about a specific topic.  

Some of the most popular LinkedIn groups for physicians on LinkedIn are: American Medical Association, Medical Doctor (MD) Network, Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), Physicians Practice and the America’s Leading Practice Management Resource. 

Once you have become a member of some of these groups, get involved in the existing discussions. See what others are talking about and post relevant content. This is an excellent way to connect with peers, learn, and teach.  

  1. Strive for Accuracy

While the Internet has done wonders for connecting people with the information they seek, it is still a landscape cluttered with misinformation. This is particularly true when it comes to medicine. 

As a physician, it’s important that you remain a trusted voice of reason. When it comes to what information you decide to share, always strive for accurate coverage and discussion. Try to avoid interacting with illegitimate accounts that could affect your credibility.  

Don’t let a fear of social media stop you from leveraging its power. When done right, connecting online can help your practice stand out and build revenue.

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