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MedPro Disposal is a leading provider of healthcare compliance and waste management services and offers single-source alternative.  MedPro Disposal is the only other company in the industry capable of providing a nationwide solution for medical waste disposal, compliance training and more.  This solution presents unique challenges and milestones in order to successfully migrate and manage all of your locations.

Medical Waste & Healthcare Industry Challenges

There are multiple challenges and milestones that will need to be addressed and met in order to successfully transition all sites without interrupting patient care. 

Healthcare facilities are overwhelmed with new challenges given the pandemic and fluidity in the healthcare industry.  This volatility in the market complicates the management of any multisite compliance service, such as medical waste disposal and results in years of inefficient processes which undoubtedly if addressed could result in significant savings and efficiency improvements.  Prioritizing employee safety and limiting exposure to additional liability are a priority but most facilities over invest in their own support staffing and constant turnover and or intercompany changes result in duplicative efforts and spend.

Why MedPro Disposal

MedPro Disposal currently services over 33,000 healthcare facilities through a network of 100+ regional service providers.  Our nationwide network of regional service providers makes us the only single source service provider in the US that is capable of coordinating, managing and enhancing the services currently provided to all locations.  In addition to having the capabilities, and expertise to manage such a migration we are proposing a significantly more robust program to ensure end to end compliance isn’t such a burden.  Capabilities include:

A team of dedicated account managers and email automation will touch all migrated locations once a quarter to ensure service levels remain satisfactory and regular support tasks are managed quickly.

MedPro Disposal Offers Total Compliance

  SITE BY SITE LOGISTICAL MONITORING & MANAGEMENT: Existing infrastructure of program management teams and call centers strategically positioned to monitor any number of locations nationwide 24/7.  Dedicated industry expert support teams are the key to site by site program consistency and compliance.

MONITORING & ACCOUNTABILITY: MP1 Compliance portal will administer, monitor, maintain and update your future compliance requirements,training and plan updates. 

VENDOR CONSOLIDATION: Simplify and align all services through a single source provider to symphonize processes and deconflict services agendas.

COST REDUCTION: Reallocation of current efforts to manage waste services, compliance programs, training, on boarding and transitions results in significant investment reallocation to patient care vs. program management.

BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Unifying your compliance information in our portal will ensure your not having to repeat or reinvest in compliance.  If a key member leaves, your program continues to work for you keeping your practice safe and in compliance..

MedPro Disposal Full Scope of Services

SAVINGS WHERE IT COUNTS. Over 100+ hours saved by using our portal, guaranteed low cost, future compliance updates included, 365 day compliance support from real experts, one bill for all services, dedicated account representative that knows your practice and your staff.  MedPro Disposal is the right solution for your business.

Full Life Cycle Compliance Services Available

OSHA Compliance 

Online Training, Tracking, Reporting
Customized Policies and Procedures
Reference guides and Compliance Forms
Regulator Update Alerts
Bloodborne Pathogen 1910.1030
Hazard Communication

Regulated Waste Management
General Industry Requirements
Fire & Workplace Safety
Identification of Personal PPE Equipment
Compliance Insider Newsletter

Year-round Compliance and Tech Support
Hazard Risk Assessment
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
Online Binder & Support
OSHA Self-Inspection

HIPAA Compliance

Online Training, Tracking, Reporting
Customized Policies and Procedures
Reference guides and Compliance Forms
Regulator Update Alerts
HIPAA HiTech / Omnibus

Business Associates & Vendor Agreements
Hipaa Security Risk Analysis (SRA)
Virtual Walkthrough
Hipaa Breach Determination and Mitigation

Disaster Recovery Planning
HIPAA Training 2020
Security Management Process
Information Access Management

Corporate Compliance

Online Training, Tracking, Reporting
Documentation Practices and Procedures
Communication and Reporting Processes

Discipline, Monitoring and Internal Auditing Processes
Investigative Procedures
Corrective Action Process
Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute

Monthly Exclusion List Monitoring
Required OIG Work Plan
Committee Meetings
Compliance Assessments
Compliance Hotline

Human Resources Compliance 

Unlawful Discrimination
Substance Abuse
Background Checks

Dress Code, Pay Periods, Holidays, PTO
Employee Virtual Binder
Credential Manager

CME Credits
120+ Course Library

Medical Waste Disposal

Nationwide coverage utilizing a network of regional service providers for local coverage

Document Shredding & Data Destruction 

Nationwide coverage and coordination of secure HIPAA approved document shredding

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal 

Licensed DEA registrant and reverse distributor

Safe and secure packaging to ensure compliant shipping, destruction and documentation per DEA requirements