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Full List of Amlodipine Recalls, FDA 2012-2017

Amlodipine tablets
There have been nine major Amlodipine recalls since 2012 and seven minor ones. There are actually 49 FDA recall orders for the popular generic, but that’s because each major recall is made up of several orders each. This drug has a much rockier recall history than most of the other most common generics. The biggest…

Full List of All Simvastatin Recalls, FDA Through 2017

To date there have been ten recalls of Simvastatin. They’ve all been relatively minor compared to recalls of some other popular generics, such as Lisinopril with over a million bottles recalled in one case. By contrast, the biggest Simvastatin recall so far affected just over 54,000 bottles. The biggest recall of the popular lipid-control drug…

Full List of Hydrocodone Acetaminophen Recalls Through 2017

hydrocodone acetaminophen red label
There have been five major recalls of hydrocodone acetaminophen since 2012. Each has affected over 4,000 bottles of the generic drug, with the biggest involving 897,379 bottles made for Vintage Pharmaceuticals, doing business as Qualitest. Uncovering data for any given hydrocodone acetaminophen recall can be a tough task, especially since the FDA displays its information…