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The Value Of Efficient Medical Waste Disposal for Ambulatory Care Centers

A lot happens at ambulatory care centers, and it is easy for staff and management to overlook the dangers that medical waste poses. Fortunately, medical waste is not life-threatening. Still, it can also result in the spread of vicious infections and diseases that affect the general public and the environment.

Every facility deserves efficient and compliant medical waste disposal services to keep patients and staff safe. However, not all of them have the capacity to handle such waste the right way. Here at MedPro Disposal, we understand the importance of timely and detail-driven ambulatory care medical waste removal services.

Types of Medical Waste

Hundreds of people depend on your urgent care clinic or center to keep patients healthy and monitor their progress. In addition, your patient care centers nurture diverse individuals back to health and thus give their families peace of mind knowing they’re being taken good care of at your facility. Therefore, keeping them safe is more than a mere obligation.

However, not all ambulatory medical waste your facility generates is alike, as you’re certainly already well aware. From surgical to pharmaceutical to other types of waste, there’s a lot to properly dispose of. Doing so in a compliant manner with all applicable laws and regulations can get a bit confusing, especially when your main priority is providing top-quality care to your patients.

Here’s an overview of some of the main categories of surgery center waste and ambulatory care waste we can help you with via our surgery center waste disposal solutions.

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A person holding a Biohazard Bag

Biohazard Medical Waste

Identifying biohazardous medical waste is the first step to disposing of it safely. It includes bandages, soiled hospital gowns, isolation environment linens, and bedsheets.

Infections can spread from any biohazardous waste. That is why properly storing and disposing of it is of paramount importance for ambulatory care centers. Further, it’s why surgical waste management systems and processes for each type of waste have been developed in accordance with regulations and are carried out by organizations such as ours to help you safely dispose of all your waste.

Medical waste removal experts like MedPro Disposal can guide you on the correct ways to identify and store biohazardous waste so we can dispose of it in line with EPA standards.

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Sharps Waste

Needles, lancets, syringes, knives, scalpels, or any clinical equipment that poses a piercing hazard come under the sharps medical waste classification. MedPro Disposal helps perform timely and thorough ambulatory care center medical waste removal to prevent injuries to your staff and patients and keep them safe from spreading infections from used sharps.

We help you keep your practice compliant by storing sharps properly and avoiding exposure to blood-borne pathogens. With MedPro Disposal, you get an experienced team that has handled and disposed of sharps medical waste in North America over several years.

A medical professional holding pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical Waste

Surgical biohazard waste disposal and sharps waste disposal are important. But so is outpatient medical waste management and disposal. When managing outpatient medical waste, handlers must take special precautions. Storing such pharmaceutical waste properly is also extremely important, because if it’snot correctly contained, this type of medical waste can build up to a large quantity and pose a health risk to your staff and patients.

MedPro Disposal can help you dispose of hazardous waste pharmaceutical (HWP) products, including controlled substances like schedules II, III, IV and V drugs and expired medications.

Such waste is routinely generated in ambulatory care centers and needs attentive and mindful disposal strategies. In addition, depending on your facility’s procedures, some chemotherapy waste can also be found among select pharma waste types. This adds to why you should rely on seasoned medical waste removal experts like MedPro Disposal to help you stay compliant.

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Pathological Waste

Whether it’s body parts, surgical specimens, or human/animal tissues, pathological waste created in ambulatory care centers must follow specific disposal processes. This includes segregating, packaging, and labeling pathological waste before medical waste removal companies like MedPro Disposal pick them up.

Dangerous infections can spread from pathological medical waste. People, especially your patients and staff, can contract serious ailments if such waste is left unattended or improperly stored for pick-up. Pathological waste can also prove a deadly hazard if it accidentally escapes into the environment. MedPro Disposal has been handling such medical waste for over a decade across the USA, and we can help you keep your practice safe and compliant.

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Train Your Staff In Proper Surgical Waste Disposal Practices

MedPro Disposal has experts who can train and guide your ambulatory care center staff in compliant and efficient ways to store all waste generated in your facility. By training your staff to avoid medical waste handling and storage mistakes, you can save financial losses that arise from litigation or other means.

HIPPA and OSHA Compliance Training for Surgical Center Employees

Disposal of medical and surgical waste must follow stringent guidelines set forth by laws and governing bodies such as HIPAA and OSHA. Our courses up-skill your staff and teach them to apply appropriate measures to properly contain and store medical waste in your ambulatory and surgical centers. With MedPro Disposal, your staff will soon help keep your facilities compliant and your patients safe.

The MedPro Difference

With MedPro Disposal, you get an experienced team of medical waste removal experts who offer reliable education about, management of, and disposal of surgical waste at competitive rates. For starters, our company helps you save up to 30% on your medical waste disposal needs for ambulatory care centers across North America.

MedPro Disposal also guides you on the safest, most effective ways to streamline and manage your ambulatory care center medical waste removal frameworks. The best part? We help you ensure compliance. Check out our case studies to see how we’ve helped centers like yours properly manage and dispose of medical waste.

If for some reason, you don’t have clinically designed biomedical waste containers for ambulatory care, we can provide them at affordable rates. We also handle all the paperwork that comes with OSHA-approved medical waste removal in your state or area. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that our pick-up schedules can be customized to fulfill the needs of your surgical centers regardless of their size.

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Ready To Make The Switch To MedPro?

Ambulatory and other care centers have plenty to gain by hiring pro-compliance medical waste removal experts like MedPro Disposal. All medical establishments must adapt to changing times and double their efforts to improve their current medical waste disposal systems.

We use reasonably eco-conscious methods to dispose of different types of medical waste, thus helping you save money and stay compliant with state laws.

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