Secure Document Shredding Services

MedPro Disposal offers HIPAA-compliant data and document destruction services. From hard drives to paper patient records, we can help your facility safeguard private information, maintain legislative compliance, and protect your public image.

Data Destruction and Document Shredding Services

Recurring shredding service

A regularly scheduled mobile paper shredding service designed with a customized security program to ensure that confidential documents and data are continually serviced. This service is tailored to meet the level of security and accountability that is required for each job.

One-time purge shredding service

Designed for businesses that need a single clean-out of any unwanted documents and other data. Whether there are only a few boxes of shredding or a large room/warehouse full of documents or other data, our on-site trucks will come to the specified location and destroy the information quickly and efficiently.

Hard drive destruction service

In addition to shredding documents, MedPro Disposal shreds electronic media for end-of-life-cycle computers. Erasing the data off of a hard drive is simply not enough. MedPro Disposal will ensure sensitive data cannot be accessed once the hard drive leaves the premise by delivering it to a metal and electronics recycler who is certified to dispose of electronic material.

Scanning services (available in limited markets)

In many markets, MedPro Disposal can provide comprehensive document management solutions to help businesses and individuals make the conversion to electronic files. MedPro Disposal helps eliminate expensive storage and retrieval costs of physical documents through a personalized plan that addresses specific client document management needs.