Dental Waste Disposal

With every dental procedure, waste is generated. If not managed properly, it poses a health hazard to your patients, staff, the general public, and even the environment. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that medical waste from dental offices and clinics is handled and disposed of properly to prevent infection risks and keep your dental clinic compliant.

Discover how our efficient medical waste disposal services for dental clinics and practices can help you protect your patients, people, and the environment at a fraction of the price.

Medical Biohazard
Waste Disposal

Medical waste is a collection of wastes generated by health care facilities, including dental practices, contaminated by body fluids, blood, and other potentially infectious material.

Due to its potentially infectious nature, it is primarily regulated by state health departments and the environmental protection agency (EPA). Therefore, your dental office or clinic should align with your state regulations to ensure the safety of your patients, staff, the general public, and your immediate environment.

However, while some practices can handle medical waste internally, not all have the capacity or resources to dispose of it correctly. That’s where our medical waste disposal company comes in. At MedPro Disposal, we provide end-to-end medical waste disposal services for dental practices. We collect medical waste from your dental clinic, reduce its infectiousness to an acceptable level and dispose of it safely at our facilities.

Dental Amalgam Waste

Dental Amalgam Waste

Dental filling contains a heavy mixture of liquid mercury and other materials, including silver, copper, and lead. Therefore, such procedures do not just generate blood-soaked gauzes, sharps, chemicals, disinfectants, and sterilizing agents. They also generate mercury amalgam waste, silver-containing wastes, lead-containing wastes, and more.

Dental amalgam waste has the potential to contaminate air and groundwater due to its composition. As such, it cannot be disposed of in regular waste streams or among the general infectious waste. At MedPro disposal, we safely collect dental amalgam waste from your practice and provide you with the containers you need to handle it properly.

Medical Sharps

Sharps wastes such as needles, wires, or blades generated by your dental practice should be safely handled and disposed of to prevent needle stick injuries and keep your employees safe. As such, they cannot be put among other types of medical waste from your dental procedures.

At MedPro, we help you ensure that your medical sharps are correctly handled, whether your practice uses disposable or reusable sharps. We provide puncture-resistant, waterproof and leak-proof containers for your medical sharps disposal needs. Moreover, we give you safe and easy-to-use mail-back medical sharps disposal kits that allow you to ship your medical sharps to our facilities for proper disposal.

Pricing Plans That Grow
With You

At MedPro Disposal, we understand that every dental clinic is different. That is why our pricing plans were specially designed to accommodate dental practices of all sizes and the frequency at which they need us to collect their medical waste.

With MedPro, you never have to pay more than you should for your dental waste disposal; we will formulate a custom solution for you. Call today or use the pricing calculator below to see where your costs will begin.

It’s Easy to Get Started with MedPro

Tell Us Dental Waste
Disposal Your Needs

Reach out to us and tell us your medical waste disposal service needs for your dental practice.

We Create A Solution That
Works For You

Our experts formulate a custom dental waste disposal plan for your practice and send you a free quote.

You Save Up To 30% On Your Annual Costs

We help you optimize your practices’ operations and pick up your dental waste according to your needs and schedule.

Keep Your Dental Practice Compliant with Our OSHA and
HIPPA Training Programs

Proper handling of the dental waste generated by your practice goes a long way in keeping you out of trouble with regulatory and enforcement agencies. As a result, ensuring that your staff is well equipped to handle medical waste properly is paramount.

We will up skill your staff by providing OSHA and HIPAA-certified training programs to your entire team, from dental assistants and hygienists to office managers. As a result, we will help you keep your practice compliant and ensure the safety of your patients and staff. Moreover, we evaluate your dental waste disposal practices, identify areas that can be improved and formulate custom solutions that make you more efficient, lowering your annual costs.

What’s Covered In Our Training Programs

Biohazardous Waste

All biohazardous waste generated by your practice should be handled and disposed of following the regulations set forth by your state.

OSHA Bloodborne
Pathogens Training

We train employees who are at risk of exposure to blood and potentially infectious material to handle such waste properly and protect themselves from infection.

OSHA Hazard
Communication Awareness

We ensure your staff is well equipped to handle hazardous chemicals they may be exposed to, whether it is at the time of initial assignment or when hazards are introduced to their work area.

HIPAA Privacy & Security

We teach your staff to protect and dispose of patient health information properly, allowing you to prevent disclosure and avoid liability lawsuits.

DOT Hazadous Materials

Our experienced team will ensure that the people responsible for signing, packaging, and shipping hazardous materials get the job done to prevent infection risks.

Why Choose MedPro For Your Dental Practice Medical
Waste Disposal?

Since 1999, dentists across the United States have trusted us to provide efficient dental waste disposal services without paying more than they should. So, let us do the same for you.

  • 13+ years of delivering unparalleled medical waste disposal services
  • Individualized dental waste disposal services tailored to the unique needs of your practice
  • Cost-effective solutions that cut down your annual dental waste disposal costs by up to 30%
  • HIPAA and OSHA-certified solutions that keep your practice compliant
  • We act as a single contact point for all your training, compliance, and disposal needs

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