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dos and donts of medical waste

Biohazard Poster – This is a do’s and don’ts poster that shows what goes into the medical waste disposal box and what doesn’t.

Hang above your current box to help compliance and reduce cost.

Pharmaceutical Waste Guide

Pharmaceutical Waste Guide – This is a partial checklist of pharmaceutical waste items that can be placed  in a non-controlled / non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste container.

When you have questions of how pharmaceutical disposal works or what goes into the container.

MedPro - Waste Classification Poster

Waste Classification Guide – This printable poster helps you identify what type of waste belongs in what type of container. Our Waste Classification Poster provides a visual guide to managing various waste streams.

When you are unsure how to properly dispose of various types of waste.

OSHA Compliance Survey

Compliance Survey – This three minute compliance survey will help identify any gaps in your current OSHA compliance program.

When first starting service with MedPro Waste Disposal.


Auto Pay –  Simply download the payment authorization form, complete and return directly to us via one of the methods listed below. If you prefer to provide payment information over the phone, or wish to sign digitally online, please contact our Customer Advocate team at 866-924-9339 (opt. 0).

Return Form:

  • Email:
  • Fax: 888-215-0275

When first starting service with MedPro Waste Disposal.

OSHA Compliance Portal Walkthrough

Compliance Portal – This is a walk-through video of the MedPro compliance portal it will show how to sign in and what is available in the portal.

After signing up with MedPro’s compliance portal or for a peek inside the portal.

Sign up for MedPro webinars

Webinars – We have short educational webinars on medical waste disposal, OSHA compliance and pharmaceutical disposal.

When signing up with MedPro and learning about the services we offer.

Additional Resources & Guides

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OSHA Compliance Information

OSHA Brochure – The online compliance portal has been a trusted resource to thousands of businesses for compliance information, tools and training. We continuously make improvements to keep you on top of the ever changing world of compliance.

When looking for bloodbourne pathogen training, exposure control plans and more.

MedPro Case Study

Case Study – Read more about our case study here. “The clinic had begun to notice its medical waste disposal costs creeping upward along with their patient count, but they soon realized…”

To learn more about MedPro, our cost savings advantage and how we save single or multiple clinics money.


Guide to managing medical waste – Overview of the medical waste disposal industry, tips on properly packaging your different types of waste and an introduction to OSHA compliance laws and regulations.

For general questions and guidelines about medical waste disposal.

frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – A list of FAQ’s that we commonly get asked. For example, Do you have a mailback system? Do you provide OSHA training? Do you provide pharmaceutical disposal?

For general questions and answers about our services and medical waste disposal.

OSHA Compliance Logo

OSHA Quick StartOSHA compliance is essential to keeping your work environment safe, but it can still be a lot to handle. That’s why MedPro is dedicated to helping educate you and your staff on ways to make compliance a simple and hassle-free part of your life.

Anytime you need a quick reference of OSHA basics for your practice.


Talking Trash Tip Sheet – Prepare to talk about your medical waste disposal. A quick reference sheet to help understand your current service so we can provide an accurate ‘apples to apples’ quote.

When you are getting quotes for your medical waste disposal service.

MedPro Disposal Blog

MedPro Blog – A place for industry news, infographics, articles and insights for healthcare professionals, along with tips and tricks for your medical waste disposal.

You can sign up for our blog here.


Funeral Homes Guide to Managing Medical Waste Disposal – MedPro has compiled this everything-you-need-to-know guide to managing medical waste disposal as a mortician, funeral director or medical examiner.

What is Medical Waste in a Funeral Home? How do you manage it? 


Waste Acceptance Policy – MedPro Waste Disposal policy requires compliance with all applicable regulations regarding the collection, transportation and treatment of regulated medical waste.

MedPro Waste Disposal Accepts the following Regulated Medical Waste.


Multiple Location Spreadsheet – Manage multiple locations? download our free multiple location spreadsheet to help you manage everything from contacts to waste containers.

Use this spreadsheet to organize contact information and medical waste disposal information for multiple practice locations.


How to Save on Medical Waste Disposal [infographic] – It’s no secret that medical waste disposal can be expensive. With the cost predicted to grow in the future based on population growth and an increase in healthcare services many facilities are looking for ways to cut costs.

A few factors to think about when considering whether you are overpaying for your medical waste services.


How Much Does Medical Waste Disposal Cost? [infographic] – How much does medical waste disposal cost? This is a question we get often. You may be wondering if you’re being overcharged for your service.

There are many variables involved in the pricing for disposing of medical waste. Let’s take a closer look.


What happens to my medical waste? [infographic] – Have you ever wondered what happens to your medical waste disposal? MedPro Disposal details the journey your medical waste takes from a patient getting their blood drawn to the final disposal of the waste.

Biohazardous waste must be handled properly, this inforgraphic highlights the journey.