The Top 5 Challenges a Healthcare Manager Faces

As the healthcare industry is constantly evolving, practices must continue to adapt to meet the challenges presented. Managing a healthcare practice is a stressful job with all sorts of obstacles being thrown your way. But you’re not alone. Many healthcare managers are facing the same challenges running their offices. With that in mind, we reached...Read Article

In the Eyes of the Intern: Hailey

My internship at MedPro Disposal far exceeded my expectations of what I was looking for in a college internship. The continuous learning about the company, what we do and who we served is a major eye opener to why I am here in the first place. Since interning with MedPro Disposal, I have expanded my...Read Article

In the Eyes of the Intern: Matteo

As I enter my last week of the sales internship at MedPro Disposal, I can confidently say I have learned an abundant amount of knowledge that will help me in real-world business situations. Interning here has allowed me to realize there is so much more to business than I would have imagined. While being a...Read Article

Healthcare and TikTok: What Should Users Know?

One of the first questions to ask when you watch or read content from healthcare professionals on social media is: How do we know what’s legit and what’s not? It can be difficult to answer, so it ultimately falls on you to decide whether it’s credible. (Small caveat: as always, we strongly recommend you speak...Read Article

In the Eyes of the Intern: Megan

Being past the halfway point of my internship, I can officially say I have a grip on the day-to-day life here in the MedPro Disposal office. Before my first day at this internship, I can honestly acknowledge the fact that besides looking through the website and a couple Google searches, I had no idea what...Read Article

How to Select A Medical Waste Disposal Company

When looking for a medical waste disposal company, it is important to consider many things to ensure that the vendor is providing the most effective, cost-efficient and safest methods of disposal. It is equally important to ask the following critical questions and address potential concerns prior to choosing a disposal company.   Costs First, you...Read Article

In the Eyes of the Intern: Jake

My first three weeks at MedPro Disposal as an intern have been very valuable. I was introduced to Salesforce and was able to see the main functions of the CRM software, and also received a comprehensive understanding of the sales process through shadowing multiple salespeople. Then, I was assigned to gather information and leads on...Read Article

How to Improve Your Online Patient Portal

With the increased presence of telehealth over the past year thanks to COVID-19, the need for functional and efficient online patient portals has also increased. Medical records are also switching to the virtual space to become more environmentally-friendly. Patient portals need to be both user-friendly and HIPAA compliant. There are a few ways to improve...Read Article

In the Eyes of the Intern: Kendall

This week, I started my third week of my internship with MedPro Disposal. A lot has happened during my first two weeks, but I have learned so much in the short amount of time I have been here. As the only in-office marketing intern, I have been juggling multiple projects and applying what I have...Read Article

MedPro Disposal Welcomes Summer Intern Class

Last week, MedPro Disposal welcomed six new interns to the Naperville office, five sales and one marketing, and two remote marketing interns. Over seven weeks, our paid interns will learn about the company and its history and services, the sales process, and will be able to apply and work on their skills through various projects...Read Article