MedPro Waste Disposal Waste Acceptance Policy

MedPro Waste Disposal policy requires compliance with all applicable regulations regarding the collection, transportation and treatment of regulated medical waste. To ensure that neither MedPro nor the generator of regulated medical waste violates applicable regulations, it is imperative that all parties understand the rules regarding proper identification, classification, segregation and packaging of regulated medical waste. The purpose of this policy is to summarize the minimum requirements for preparing your medical waste for collection, transportation and treatment. Additional facility or state-specific waste acceptance policies may apply based on permit specifications.

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MedPro Waste Disposal Accepts the following Regulated Medical Waste: 


MedPro Waste Disposal Does NOT Accept:


Packaging and Labeling of Medical Waste


Customer is solely responsible for packing regulated medical waste as outlined per the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, OSHA, or as defined by any other federal, state, county, or local laws and regulations. Customer must store regulated medical waste in the containers provided by MedPro or its affiliates.

Proper packaging and segregation of medical waste reduces the potential for accidental release of the contents and exposure to employees and the public. All MedPro Waste Disposal customers are provided with packaging instructions that describe maximum weights, proper sealing/closure of inner bags and outer containers and proper packaging of sharps. These instructions are designed to be in compliance with the packaging requirements of 49 CFR 173.197, which require that waste be packaged in a container that is:

  1. Rigid
  2. Leak resistant.
  3. Impervious to moisture.
  4. Of sufficient strength to prevent tearing or bursting under normal conditions of use and handling.
  5. Sealed to prevent leakage during transport.
  6. Puncture resistant for sharps and sharps with residual fluids.
  7. Break resistant and tightly lidded or stoppered for fluids in quantities greater than 20 cubic centimeters. Waste identified as cultures and stocks must conform to appropriate DOT PG H packaging requirements.

MedPro Waste Disposal may refuse containers that are improperly packaged, leaking, damaged or likely to create risk of exposure to employees and the public. Proper segregation and packaging of medical waste is essential for safe handling and transportation of regulated medical waste. Customer shall hold title to any Non-Conforming Waste at all times, whether refused for collection or returned to Customer for proper disposal after collection.

Please contact MedPro Waste Disposal to review if any special waste generated within your facility is subject to specific waste policies based on state or permit specific requirements. Please contact your MedPro Waste Disposal Customer Advocate for additional information regarding container and labeling requirements.