Frequently Asked Questions

MedPro Disposal Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our 20 most frequently asked questions. You can also download the MedPro Disposal FAQ Sheet.


What is medical waste?

Any kind of waste that contains infectious or potentially infectious material. This waste is typically generated by physicians’ offices, hospitals, dental practices, laboratories, medical research facilities and veterinary clinics


How big is a box?

28 gallons is the standard size. However, it can be as small as 1.2 gallons and as big as 96 gallons. It’s dependent on the customer and their needs.


What’s your cost?

Pricing is based off geography, frequency of service and the volume of waste. MedPro Disposal on average saves its customers 20-30% annually on medical waste disposal costs.


Do you service our area?

MedPro Disposal services 45 out of the 50 states. We do not currently service Alaska, Hawaii, Washington state, New Jersey or the five boroughs of New York.


Do you offer services besides medical waste disposal?

Yes! MedPro Disposal also offers OSHA/HIPAA compliance training, data and document shredding and mailback services in addition to its medical waste disposal services.


Can I adjust my services?

Yes, you can absolutely adjust your services. Simply call and one of our MedPro Disposal customer services reps can adjust the same day.


Can I bundle services?

Absolutely. Medical waste disposal is our primary service, but we also offer OSHA/HIPAA compliance training, data and document shredding and mailback services. Multiple services can easily be bundled together.


Is there a contract?

Yes. However, this is to ensure you receive the best pricing. Everything in the contract is explicitly stated and you can expect to save an average of 20-30% annually on your medical waste disposal costs.


I’m currently under contract with another vendor and want to switch. What should I do?

Review the terms and conditions of your current contract. Depending on your current provider, advanced notice may be required to cancel service and sometimes a fee may be charged. Oftentimes, MedPro Disposal can offer a solution even if you are under contract. Ask your sales rep for further details.


What additional fees does MedPro Disposal charge?

MedPro Disposal does not charge any additional fees. You may be used to seeing charges such as environmental regulatory, fuel and others, but we only have one line item on our invoices: medical waste disposal. The price we quote is the price you pay.


Do you have e-invoices, online payments or auto pay?

MedPro Disposal customers do have auto pay available and it is optional. However, by signing up for auto pay, you never have to worry about late fees or missed payments.


How long does it take for my first pickup?

MedPro Disposal prides itself in quick and efficient pickup. The first pickup will be 7-10 business days from the initial signing. After that, it’s scheduled for however frequent you need it to be.


Who will pick up my waste?

MedPro Disposal’s main office is located in Naperville, Illinois, but we have service many locations nationwide. We have a group of trusted affiliates around the country to provide the most economical solution. Your company may be serviced by one of our trusted affiliates.


When is my next pickup?

It depends on the customer and how much waste is produced. Some customers need once or twice a week while others need only four times a year.


Do you collect anything outside of medical waste?

Yes! MedPro Disposal also collects pharmaceuticals, pathological and chemo waste. We also provide OSHA/HIPAA compliance training and data and document shredding services. You can check out all of the waste items we collect here.


Why do I need OSHA/HIPAA compliance?

OSHA and HIPAA compliance are required by law for any healthcare facility to open. OSHA protects employees’ safety and HIPAA protects patients’ safety and privacy. Depending on your practice, one may be required and not the other, but both are usually required.


Am I held liable for the waste I generate?

Generators are liable for the waste they generate until MedPro Disposal or one of its trusted affiliates picks it up. Once the waste is in the truck, we own it and take responsibility for it.


Can MedPro Disposal provide sharps containers?

No. Customers must purchase their own sharps containers. MedPro Disposal will pick up the filled sharps containers for disposal, but cannot provide the container.


Can MedPro Disposal help dispose of expired medications?

Yes, we can. Through our mailback services, customers will be sent a container to place their expired medications in. The container will then be sent back to us and we will take care of the rest.


How does MedPro Disposal dispose of the waste?

Any waste we collect is brought to a treatment facility. Using autoclave technology (which is environmentally-friendly), the waste is sterilized and prepared to safely go to a landfill. As much as we try to avoid incineration, some waste is too hazardous to be put in a landfill. That waste is pulled aside and put into the furnace. All customers are provided with access to certified destruction documents following destruction.