• Why am I receiving an invoice before service as begun or before my next pick up?

    Our regular billing cycle is on the 1st day of the billing period. This is done in advance of your regularly scheduled pick up and helps ensure you receive invoices on a regular and consistent basis.

  • Why am I receiving an “over-allotment” invoice mid-month?

    When billing occurs on the 1st day of each billing period, it is for a specific quantity of containers per the terms of your agreement (when applicable). When our driver picks up your medical waste, there will be a manifest (also known as a destruction document), which someone on site will be required to sign at the time of service. This document verifies the quantity of containers removed. The manifest also serves as a tracking document that follows the containers during the transportation and disposal process, with a final copy arriving to our operations department an average of 30-45 days from the date of service. At that time, an audit is performed to determine if any additional containers were picked up above and beyond your standard allotment for the billing period. If additional containers were removed, an over-allotment invoice will be generated. This invoice will specify the date of service and how many additional containers were removed for disposal. This over-allotment invoice will typically arrive 45-60 days post-service, but may arrive later if there is a delay in receiving the manifest from the treatment facility. Any additional containers over the billing period allotment will be billed at the agreed upon rate per your Service Agreement.

  • Are there any additional fees or surcharges?

    Unlike many other companies, our pricing is all-inclusive. MedPro does not charge energy or fuel surcharges or any other miscellaneous fees.

  • How do I prevent late payments and finance charges?

    The easiest way to avoid late fees is to sign up for our popular Auto-Pay and eBill services, both of which are free of charge. With eBill, invoices will arrive same day in your email inbox, cutting down on the 5-7 days that it may take for the invoice to arrive via the postal service. Auto-Pay allows you to automatically pay your regular invoices with a credit/debit card or checking account that is securely stored. All payments will be emailed to you as a “Paid Invoice Receipt” for your records.

  • How are payments applied to my account?

    Payments will be applied in the following order unless otherwise instructed:

    1. Past due amounts
    2. Late fees
    3. Current balance
  • What happens if I am late with my payment?

    If satisfactory payment has not been made, a late fee may be applied to the invoice. Outstanding balances may be placed with an outside collection agency. The customer shall bear any costs that MedPro may incur in collecting overdue amounts, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees, court costs, collection agency costs, and administrative collection costs.  Per the terms of your Service Agreement, MedPro reserves the right to suspend its services until any overdue amounts, including interest and collection fees, are paid.

  • Other Frequently Asked Questions

    Our facility is producing more or less waste than originally projected, what do I do?

    MedPro wants to ensure you are getting the best fit service. If at any time, your facility has a significant increase or decrease in waste production, we can adjust the frequency of service within the terms of your agreement. Simply call our Customer Advocate Team at 877-302-8022 to request a frequency adjustment.

    How do I request additional supplies?

    Our drives typically have additional regulated medical waste containers and bags available upon request.

    If you wish to have a rush delivery of supplies, we can standard mail 3 containers/bags for $35 or ship them overnight them for $100.

    You will be invoiced separately for this request.