Case Study: Sargent Plastic Surgery

MedPro Disposal helps Sargent Plastic Surgery with savings on medical waste disposal.

Sargent Plastic Surgery offers a full range of plastic surgery services. The center has an experienced team committed to helping each patient make important decisions regarding their surgical procedure. Click here to read the full case study.

Sargent Plastic Surgery
Sargent Plastic Surgery

About Sargent Plastic Surgery

Sargent Plastic Surgery was established in 2017 by Dr. Larry Sargent, an accomplished and awarded plastic surgeon with 30 years of experience. He is nationally known as a leading plastic surgeon. The company has two locations in Salt Lake City, Utah and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Results after signing up with MedPro Disposal

When Sargent Plastic Surgery made the decision to sign up with MedPro Disposal, their savings on medical waste disposal has been significant. During their sign up, a MedPro Disposal representative worked closely with the team of Sargent Plastic Surgery, which lead to an easy, uncomplicated process and positive response from the staff. With MedPro Disposal’s flexibility and easy to talk to staff, Sargent Plastic Surgery’s biohazard waste are being managed efficiently and picked up following the schedules.

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About MedPro Disposal

MedPro Disposal is a premier waste disposal company, servicing 48 out of the 50 states. It provides regulated pick-up, transportation, treatment and disposal services of regulated medical waste, biohazard waste, sharps and pharmaceuticals, and a convenient mailback sharps container service. MedPro Disposal also provides safety compliance training. Over 25,000 healthcare practices have made the switch to MedPro Disposal.

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