Posted on October 18, 2016

The FDA states that in 2007 9% of all medication-related calls to the Poison Control Centers were due to accident exposure to somebody else’s medications. Around 5k of these cases involved children younger than 6.

Child resistant containers are no match to crafty children. If determined, even children as young as 3 can get into child proof medicine bottles. Keeping unused medications out of reach is smart, but keeping them around at all is still dangerous.

Can’t You Just Flush Them?

Flushing pharmaceuticals of any kind is incredibly bad for the environment. When medication is pushed through our water system, the filtration can’t remove all trace medicines and eventually measurable amounts of medications will show up in the water.

AP reports that “A vast array of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans”

Hormones and antibiotics being found in drinking water is incredibly worrying. Hormones can change the hormonal makeup of children, which can lead to premature or delayed puberty.

Antibiotics in water are arguably the most dangerous of all drugs. The CDC says that if antibiotics are overused, antibiotic resistant strains of the illness can become more and more common, leading to more difficult to treat infections.

Also, a staggering amount of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen have been found in American drinking water. This is dangerous for a wide range of people, from the young and elderly, to people with liver or kidney disease who cannot take these medications.

3 Step Process Using MedPro Disposal’s Mailback Program

Our mailback program is incredibly easy to do and very cost effective. Follow the three steps below and ensure that none of your medications are diverted or put into your local water supply!

Step 1:

Once you have signed up for our pharmaceutical mailback program you will receive a pharmaceutical collection bucket and a mailback sticker. Simply put your container in a safe space where you can easily dispose of expired or unneeded medications, and also keep your shipping label somewhere you will remember for when the time comes to ship it back.

If you are mailing back controlled substances, you must fill out a Controlled Inventory Transfer Form so we can make sure none of your medications are diverted, and that everything is disposed of properly.

Step 2:

Step two is the easiest part! All you have to do from this point on to safely discard of your pharmaceuticals is to place them in the bucket. Once the bucket is filled up we will move on to…

Step 3:

The final step. MedPro understands that doctors and office administrators are busy people. You don’t have time in your day to go to the post office, buy a label, fill out the mailing information and ship it back.

We decided to provide a simple solution for you – a pre-paid shipping label and box. All you have to do is place your full bucket in our provided box and ship it for destruction. Please note that the box we provide must be the box you ship the container back in due to State and Federal regulations.

Once the disposal is 100% completed you will be mailed a certificate of destruction and you will have peace of mind!