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Practice Type Zip Code Projected Annual Savings
Internal Med 35758 $1,440
Dermatology 35758 $1,428
Family Practice 36750 $650

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Madison is Included in the Huntsville Metro Area and is served by MedPro Medical Waste Disposal Madison, Alabama.

Huntsville, Alabama is part of a metropolitan area with about 450,000 residents and is located in the extreme northern part of the state. The primary medical facilities in the Huntsville area are the Huntsville Medical System and the Crestwood Medical Center.

Thousands of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals support these medical facilities in-house and in the surrounding communities to provide treatment for the sick and injured as well as well-care for healthy residents.

All medical facilities rely on partners to provide services and supplies from medical gases to drugs to the removal, transportation, and disposal of medical waste. Medical waste disposal is an area most people don’t think about, in fact many get squeamish when the subject comes up. Needles, bandages, and IV tubing that have been exposed to bodily fluids are not only unpleasant, they are dangerous.

Because they are potentially hazardous, medical waste materials must be handled very carefully, and only by trained professionals. In Alabama, medical waste is regulated by the Department of Environmental Management, a state agency. Definitions of medical waste, procedures, penalties and other pertinent information is included in Administrative Code – Division 335-17 – online here.

Medical waste disposal companies are licensed and their personnel are rigidly trained to observe the rules and regulations put in place for public safety. The past few years have evidenced outbreaks of disease because of exposure to infected persons and in some cases to hazardous medical waste.

As each medical office, hospital, or laboratory considers how to dispose of medical waste, they look at criteria essential to fit their needs and requirements. Usually the top concerns are cost, experience, level of service, and compliance.

Medical Waste Disposal Madison, Alabama

small biohazard boxes and bins

MedPro Disposal is a company providing service from coast-to-coast while maintaining a personal level of service and attention to detail that benefits customers from large hospitals to small medical practices.

The MedPro Advantage is what keeps us ahead of the competitors, and includes:

First, the issue of cost: Changes in healthcare rules and regulations have rocked the industry in recent years, making cost a very important issue. MedPro listens to customers and takes several steps to keep costs low, including:


  • “Right-sized service” – this means every customer lays out their needs and goals, and the MedPro team works out a plan that works. Too many pick-ups is a waste of time and money and not enough means trouble. Medical waste is not the type of thing that can be left lying around.
  • Simplified invoicing means no extra charges. MedPro customers are never surprised to see “fuel surcharges” or other fees. A one-plat-rate plan reduces paperwork and saves money.
  • Combining pick-up days with nearby customers. It is routine for MedPro to work with healthcare providers in a single geographic are to have pick-ups on the same days. This kind of coordination cuts our costs, and we pass those saving on to all the cooperating facilities.


Regarding experience, MedPro Medical Waste Disposal Madison, Alabama has earned a sterling reputation over many years for unsurpassed service to our customers. Management has made wise business decisions in order to deliver on commitments regarding on-time pick-ups, safe disposal, and compliance. Our history is documented by ever-growing relationships with our partner-customers.

Level of service with MedPro is unsurpassed. Our national presence means we have the resources to deal with any situation. A doctor does not want to hear excuses for a missed pick-up and in the unlikely event that should ever happen, it will be made right.

Compliance in the medical waste disposal industry means attention to rules and regulations from the moment the waste leaves the medical facility, every mile the waste is transported, and up to the moment it is permanently disposed of.

This also includes liability insurance. Extensive insurance coverage is always maintained by MedPro, which allows customers the peace-of-mind to focus on patient care rather than worry about what’s happening to the needles that just left their building. The issue is settled with MedPro Medical Waste Disposal Madison, Alabama.

Unique and innovative, MedPro is always creating more benefits. For example, every customer is introduced to a Dedicated Customer Advocate, a representative who handles any and all questions, problems, concerns about billing, pick-ups, or training.

And on the subject of training, MedPro has created a compliance portal that every customer can access for thorough training of their staff.

The Huntsville-Madison area of Alabama is well known for its excellent hospitals, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals. MedPro Disposal is proud to serve and contribute to the continued growth and success for the benefit of everyone who lives and works in the region.

Madison, AL

Madison is a city located primarily in Madison County in the northern part of the U.S. state of Alabama. Madison extends west into neighboring Limestone county. The city is included in the Huntsville Metropolitan Area and is also included in the merged Huntsville-Decatur Combined Statistical Area. As of the 2010 census, the population of the city was 42,938.[1] Madison’s mayor is Troy Trulock.

Madison, AL Local Resources

Official Website of Madison Alabama

Official Website of Madison Alabama
Madison, Alabama Official Website of Madison Alabama
100 Hughes Rd.
Madison, AL 35758

Madison County Alabama

Madison County Alabama
Madison, Alabama Madison County Alabama
100 Northside Sq.
Madison, AL 35801

Madison Chamber of Commerce

Madison Chamber of Commerce
Madison, Alabama Madison Chamber of Commerce
130 Park Square Lane
Madison, AL 35758

Supply and Other Resources for Madison

Madison Fire Department

Madison Fire Department
Madison, Alabama Madison Fire Department
101 Mill Rd.
Madison, AL 35758

Madison County Sheriff's Department

Madison County Sheriff's Department
Madison, Alabama Madison County Sheriff's Department
100 Northside Sq.
Madison, AL 35801

MedPro Waste Disposal

MedPro Waste Disposal (Alabama Mailing Address)
MedPro Waste Disposal (Alabama Mailing Address)
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Madison Little-Known Facts

With an area of 29.73 square miles, Madison is approximately 1.4 times larger than Bermuda, an island in the North Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of the United States. In 2012, Madison, Alabama reported a population of 42,925 residents, or 116.0 times more populous than Liechtenstein, a small country in central Europe. The 2012 median age was 37.2, which means that most of Madison's residents were younger than astronaut Neil Armstrong when he first walked on the Moon.