Posted on May 24, 2016

Chapel Hill, North Carolina may be best known as the home of the UNC at Chapel Hill Tar Heels but there are many other features besides its beloved sports team that make this college town an interesting place to live and visit.

Located in Orange County, “The Southern Part of Heaven” as it is nicknamed boasts a small time feel and  has become a great location to sample fine American cuisine. It is definitely a place to taste some the best southern style cooking.

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The 140 West Franklin Street Plaza draws in festivals, art shows, and music throughout the season. Along with its festivities, the street has a thriving nightlife with bars, breweries, clubs.  Examples of the town’s vibrant art scene can be seen throughout the city in the form of murals painted by UNC graduates and local artists.

Besides the university, UNC Healthcare system is one of the largest employers in the city. They provide health care services in the Research Triangle and the rest of North Carolina and work with the clinical programs of the UNC School of Medicine.

Between the health care system and the university, it is safe to assume that large amounts of both medical and biohazardous waste are being generated nearby.

Medical waste is generally considered as any material that came in contact with bodily fluids during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of humans.

Biohazard waste is generally any waste contaminated with potentially infectious agents or materials that may pose a threat to public health or the environment. medicalwastebagbox

Besides hospitals and medical practices, these materials can also be generated in funeral homes, tattoo shops, veterinary clinics, or even at homes.

Biohazardous waste can take the form of solid, liquid, sharps, and pathological waste such as organs and body parts. Sharps are materials that can puncture skin and are contaminated by biological materials.

Sharps should be placed in a puncture proof plastic container clearly marked as biological waste. The top should be spill-proof and the container should never be filled to the top. Leave about 3/4 room left.  Currently, Orange County Solid Waste does not have a service to drop-off or recycle used sharps.

Biohazardous materials should be placed in red biohazard bags and and then added to a lined regulated medical waste container. This waste should be  picked up by a licensed waste disposal service like MedPro Waste Disposal. 

Never stress about high prices for services your required to use. MedPro Waste Disposal can help its Chapel Hill residents realize savings up to  to 30% on medical and biological waste disposal. They will find a custom-tailored disposal solution for generators of all sizes. MedPro will cover the pick-up, transport, treatment, and disposal of your medical and biological waste all the while demonstrating world class customer service.

For home users and smaller generators of sharps. MedPro offers a mail-back service where a certified sharps container will be shipped to the home. Once the container is full, the recipient simply returns the container in the box it came in with the prepaid shipping sticker already provided. One payment and no hassles. A certificate of destruction will be mailed back giving you the peace of mind that your waste was properly treated and disposed of.