MedPro Disposal Career Opportunities

MedPro Disposal Career Opportunities

Join one of the fastest-growing
healthcare services companies.

MedPro Disposal provides reliable, cost-effective medical waste management and compliance training services to healthcare facilities across the nation. Founded on the principles of fair pricing, packaged with simple and safe solutions, our goal is to keep practices and their employees protected so that they can focus on what matters most, their patients.

We are an open and energetic place to work that values attitude and work ethic above all else. We have the feel of a startup but will provide you with the resources of a Fortune 500 company. There truly is no limit to how successful the right individual can be with our team. Regardless of experience, we are willing to train the right person. With the right attitude, anyone can be successful here.

Curious to know why MedPro Disposal is a great place to work? Working at MedPro means more than just having a job, it’s an experience.  We’re about building a healthy, high-performance culture where people feel valued, respected and encouraged to contribute all their unique abilities.  We’re committed to helping our employees build rewarding careers.  Here you’ll have meaningful work, continuously learn new skills and an opportunity to grow not only as an individual but as a member of a team! 

Sense of Purpose

What we do at MedPro Disposal is meaningful.  We see our impact every day in our products since we contribute directly to the success of our customers.  Our customers are buying solutions that will revolutionize the way they do business.  It is exciting to be a part of that!

Transparency and feedback

MedPro Disposal has a strong culture of feedback and transparency. We learn how to give constructive feedback, but more importantly we learn how to value feedback, how to be open-minded towards it, and how to leverage it. MedPro Disposal strives to promote transparency in every layer of the company, with their employees and their customers.

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Why sharps disposal matters

Career Growth

MedPro Disposal s a fast-paced environment where we must adapt constantly to ever changing technology, processes and the needs of our customers. Thus, career opportunities are numerous, and the company’s exceptional growth has a positive impact on the growth of your career.

MedPro Disposal supports individual career growth through educational and personal development programs along with constant enablement and individual development plans. Always being encouraged to think further and outside of the box, something that contributes to your happiness.

So why should you work at MedPro Disposal?  We are filled with challenges and offering the chance to work with people from all walks of life, there’ll never be a dull day at MedPro Disposal! 

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