Posted on November 15, 2017

Businesses should continue to include old-school and non-technology security topics such as shredding, because the criminals are still using these for data and information theft.

Document Shredding Just One Security Step

In our technology-driven world of today, most people are focused on maintaining the integrity of their network and systems to avoid a data breach. Attention is given to a variety of methods to ensure security, from firewalls and specialized IT staff to hiring cybersecurity specialists. While these are now considered to be the ‘cost of doing business’, one must also consider the fact that criminals will go to any length to have access to your proprietary information and they especially look to those companies that have not established a document shredding policy.

If you think about all of the data that is printed and copied within your office and the type of information that it contains, it might give you pause to stop and think what would happen if criminals gained access to such things as account and credit card numbers, staff human resources data, partnership or vendor agreements, legal and even tax documents. In many cases, the criminals are not necessarily seeking ‘volumes’ of data, but anything that might empower them to be able to offer on the dark net or possibly sell to your competitors.

In a Symantec white paper regarding cybersecurity tips, they include:

“Sensitive information can easily be exposed when not properly secured regardless of whether it exists in paper or electronic format. Important paperwork should be maintained in secure locations and deleted when it is no longer needed. Similarly, media such as laptops, hard drives, flash drives and mobile phones should be properly secured so information can be protected if those devices are lost are stolen. Wiping hard drives and devices that are no longer in use and shredding unneeded paper documents helps eliminate downstream security risks.”

There are companies that have established internal document shredding policies and all staff are typically trained and informed of the importance of shredding. However, relying on employees to maintain the security of your information is not always the best choice, as some may simply forget or choose to not accommodate the rules. This behavior would then leave your business open to potential data theft and once that occurs, the price that you pay for an error of this type can extend to loss of integrity, customers and even going out of business.

Every good owner or manager knows that there is a slight chance for ‘human error’ with their employees, but when it comes to the topic of critical and confidential company documents, this type of error can be deadly.

According to a article:

“Many organizations think that they have a solid picture of their overall information security posture, yet there are a variety of factors that are often overlooked, and these factors can have a substantial impact on a company’s true security posture. For instance, it’s not uncommon for companies to overlook the human element in information security, such as the possibility that employees may leak data (either intentionally or unintentionally), causing a major data breach.”

The best action to take regarding important documents is to ensure their security by hiring a document shredding service.

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