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Pay up to 30% less annually on your medical waste removal services with MedPro Disposal. Our services are cost-effective and designed to keep you compliant with state medical waste policies.

Looking For Reliable Medical Waste Disposal At Competitive Prices?

We keep your practice compliant and make your medical waste disposal practices more efficient, helping you cut down your costs.

medical waste disposal

Our team comes trained to implement all types of medical waste and sharps disposal. Like you, the safety and continued well-being of your staff and patients are important to us.

Expired Pharmaceuticals

Ensuring that no harm comes to the environment, we provide comprehensive pharmaceutical waste disposal services with an eye for detail and carry out proper pharma waste treatment.

HIPAA Compliance Training


Up-skilling your staff is vital to ensuring compliance. Our OSHA and HIPAA compliance courses help you stay on the right side of the law while improving operational efficiency.

Confidential and thorough, our HIPAA-compliant shredding services keep you from facing legal trouble by ensuring that your patient records and practice information are destroyed correctly.

Save Up To 30% Annually & Enjoy Optimum Medical Waste Compliance

Call us today to request a free quote on your Irvine medical waste disposal services in CA without harming the public and the environment.

Choose Cost-Effective & Pro-Compliant Medical Waste Disposal Services In Irvine, CA

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MedPro Disposal has over thirteen years of experience in the industry. We are well versed in the latest and safest ways to treat and dispose of medical wastes and sharps.

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You are free to choose when we can perform your medical waste pickups in Irvine, CA for you. Our services do not interrupt your daily operations in any way.

Stay Compliant

We ensure your practices align with state medical waste disposal policies. We also ensure that people and the environment are safe from infection and pollution during every stage of our work.

Learn more about how our medical waste disposal services in Irvine, CA, can make a difference.

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How Risky Is Medical Waste Storage?

Proper waste handling at the point of generation is key to preventing waste spillage from the pickup site to the collection container. This can be as simple as ensuring a bloody gauze does not drip when picked up from a patient’s bed and taken to a specialized waste container across the room or ward.

MedPro Disposal provides practical waste management planning to optimize your clinic or hospital’s operations. Our compliance courses are also readily available to up-skill your staff so they can work most efficiently.

Understanding Biomedical Waste Segregation

Traditionally classified into eight distinct categories, careful and efficient biomedical waste segregation is necessary to keep you compliant and the public safe from spreading infections. The different types of waste segregation for biomedical waste are as follows:

  • Sharps (scissors, needles, scalpels, etc.);
  • radioactive (contaminated waste from lab research or radiotherapy, may include glassware);
  • chemical (lab reagents, cleaning agents, etc.);
  • general (packing materials, food waste, paperwork, etc.);
  • infectious (any medical waste capable of transmitting infections);
  • pharmaceutical (contaminated meds, and expired or unused ones);
  • pathological (body parts, tissues, organs);
  • and containers (often pressurized cylinders containing a gas).

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Medical Waste Containers

Storing a select type of medical waste in the wrong container is a recipe for disaster. It can not only harm the environment, especially natural water sources. It can also spread infections to the general public – either directly through the air or indirectly through food and other means.

MedPro Disposal guides you on all the right ways to contain medical waste before our team performs a pickup. Our compliance courses also serve to up-skill your staff in doing right by this significant step, eventually ensuring safe medical waste disposal. The different containers and their ideal uses are as follows:

  • Black RCRA hazardous containers – Used to store any wastes classified as dangerous under RCRA rules. It may include a combination of chemical, infectious, pathological, and other wastes.
  • Yellow trace chemotherapy containers – Used to contain chemicals and other wastes directly used in chemotherapy medication applications.
  • Yellow radioactive waste containers – Used to store any and all types of wastes that emit radiation. These containers invariably display the radioactive symbol.
  • Red sharps containers – Used for their secure sealing and shatter-proof designs to prevent sharps from puncturing through and spreading infections.
  • Red biohazard containers – Used to store infectious or potentially infectious wastes like blood and bodily fluids. These containers always carry the biohazard symbol.
  • Blue pharmaceutical containers – Used to securely contain all types of pharmaceutical wastes.

The Growth Of Healthcare & The Need For Proper Medical Waste Removal

As per an academic article published in the National Library of Medicine, “Healthcare has become one of the fastest growing global industries in recent years. As a result, worldwide health spending is higher than ever and continues to rise yearly. In 2017, global health spending was estimated at USD 7.8 trillion worldwide and was around 10% of the world gross domestic product (GDP).”

National and global populations are continuing to expand. This has raised the need for swifter and more efficient medical waste disposal practices to keep people and the environment safe from pollutants and avoidable infections. MedPro Disposal can handle all categories and challenges about medical waste removal in Irvine, CA.

What To Look For In A Medical Waste Disposal Company?

Accurate consultations and practical waste management plans are part of MedPro Disposal’s professional offerings. As a result, we ensure that you stay compliant without experiencing any operational obstructions.

Our scientifically approved medical waste disposal services in Irvine ensure that the environment and local residents are safe. We also provide OSHA and HIPAA compliance certification to up-skill your staff.

Irvine, CA Local Resources

Here are some local San Diego resources if you have any questions pertaining to Medical Waste Storage, Transportation and Disposal.

County Medical Society

County Medical Society

5575 Ruffin Road, Suite 250 San Diego, CA 92123

(858) 656-8888

Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

6610 Flanders Drive San Diego, CA 92121

(858) 875-1000

San Diego County

San Diego County

9621 Ridgehaven Court San Diego, CA 92123

(858) 656-8888

Supply and Other Resources for Irvine

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

301 Porter Industrial Rd Clarksville, AR 72830


Human Services Department

Human Services Department

900 S Rogers St Clarksville, AR 72830




117 S. College Ave Clarksville, AR 72830


Irvine, California – Interesting Facts

Irvine is one of the country’s most significant planned urban communities. Each of its Villages – including The Colony, Laguna Altura, Lambert Ranch, College Park, Rosegate, Windwood, and more – were initially supposed to have a distinct architectural theme that incorporated Spanish, Tuscan, French, Moroccan, futuristic or neo-eclectic styles. WalletHub listed (March 2017) Irvine as the third happiest place to live in the United States.

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Benefits Of Choosing MedPro Disposal As Your Medical Waste Removal Company In Irvine, CA

We are a fully accredited company licensed to serve relevant facilities, hospitals, and clinics in the U.S.

Our medical waste removal company has over thirteen years of experience in handling, storing, and treating all kinds of medical waste.

With us, you will optimize your medical waste disposal processes and cut costs by up to 30%.

Our competent team of trained personnel and technicians uphold eco-conscious methods of medical waste disposal. Furthermore, we make sure you and your staff stay compliant.

How We Collect Your Medical Waste In Irvine, California

On-Site Waste Collection

We can perform on-site pickups of all your medical waste. In addition, our team can also carry out pickups from various establishments.

Mailback Waste Disposal

We guide you on the proper sealing and labeling methods required before you can mail us select types of medical waste via the U.S. Postal Service.

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