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MedPro Disposal offers medical waste disposal, infectious sharps waste management, OSHA compliance training including
bloodborne pathogens training and certification, and HIPAA-compliance document shredding and data destruction
services. MedPro Disposal keeps your practice safe and compliant so you can focus on what matters most, your patients.

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Medical Waste & Sharps disposal can be a tricky business. Call MedPro today for a free compliance check.


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MedPro Disposal’s Mail Back Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Service makes it safe and easy to adhere to requirements.

HIPAA Compliance Training


MedPro Disposal is dedicated to helping educate you and your staff on ways to make compliance a simple and hassle-free part of your life.

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MedPro Disposal is here to provide you with a solution for HIPAA-compliant and secure document and data-shredding. Call Today!


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Centennial, CO

The City of Centennial is a Home Rule Municipality located in Arapahoe County, Colorado, United States. The city population was 100,377 at the 2010 United States Census. Centennial is a part of the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. Centennial is the tenth-most populous municipality in the state of Colorado and its 2001 incorporation was the largest in U.S. history. Centennial is ranked as the 15th safest city in the country.

Practice Type
Zip Code Projected Annual Savings
Health Care Clinic 80123 $1,386
Orthopedics 80124 $2,910
Health Care Clinic 80124 $2,910
Dermatology 80012 $1,920
Family Practice 80012 $462
OBGYN 80218 $1,248

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Medical Waste Disposal Centennial, CO

Medical Waste Disposal Centennial, CO

Many people across the country may not be aware that Centennial, Colorado even exists, and that is because it was just recently formed on February 7th, 2001, from portions of unincorporated Arapahoe County. When the incorporation was approved by 77% of voters, it made it the largest incorporation in US history at the time of its creation, with a population of over 100,000. Many do not recognize the Centennial name yet, mainly because the US Postal Service still lists neighboring Aurora, Englewood and Littleton as the default cities assigned to the ZIP code serving Centennial.

Keeping the residents of beautiful Centennial healthy is the responsibility of Centennial Medical Plaza and Littleton Adventist Hospital, along with numerous smaller healthcare practices. With a population over 100,000, you can imagine that these facilities produce a lot of medical waste after the treatment of patients. Medical waste, however, cannot go in the normal trash stream as it is usually contaminated with blood, which contains blood-borne pathogens. If an individual were to come in contact with these blood-borne pathogens, it could have disastrous health effects.

You may be asking, what exactly is medical waste? Medical waste can come in many forms, including liquids and solids. IV bags, used sharps, gauze pads, and soaked bandages are all examples of medical waste, but the list does not stop there. Following the use of these items on patients, it is crucial that they are disposed of immediately in the respective medical waste container, in order to prevent the spread of pathogens. According to the CDC, the contamination of sterile environments resulted in 17 million cases of infections in hospitals throughout 2011.

MedPro Disposal takes all the guesswork out of determining if an item is medical waste or not, because we send all of our customers a poster that details what can and cannot go into the medical waste bucket, and what is safe to dispose of in the standard trash stream. Keeping the environment of Centennial healthy has never been easier!

While we specialize in medical waste disposal, it is not the only service we offer in the Centennial area. MedPro Disposal also offers pharmaceutical disposal as well as OSHA compliance training. Disposing old or unused medications has never been easier with our mail-back program. We send your facility a 2.5 gallon bucket that you fill with unneeded medications. Once that bucket becomes full, the pre-paid shipping label is attached, sent off to our disposal facility, and a new bucket arrives at your facility! The best part is that it a one-time charge per bucket, whether it takes you 6 weeks to fill, or 6 months. Gone are the days of disposing medication down the toilet, contaminating the pristine water supply of Centennial, which affects fish and wildlife, and ultimately, humans.

In Centennial, it is state law that every individual who has the possibility of coming into contact with biohazardous waste on the job be OSHA trained. Our online OSHA compliance portal is the simplest way to train your entire workforce and ensure that every employee is OSHA compliant, should you ever be audited. The portal is designed for an administrator to be able to assign job-specific tests to individual employees, or even assign group training, if that is preferred. When employees complete their tests, their certificates of completion are all stored under one tab, making it extremely easy to reference, should the need ever arise. With our online portal, there is no longer a need to shut down operations for half a day to bring in an outside consultant for training. Our online portal saves your practice valuable time and money.

Colorado tends to see higher than average prices for medical waste disposal, due to being in a relatively remote location, and trucks are forced to make long drives around mountains. Centennial is no exception to this rule, but here at MedPro Disposal, we believe that no one should be overpaying for a required service. That is why our customers in the Centennial area consistently see savings in the 20-40% range when switching from their previous waste hauler. That’s money that can be reinvested into your business, which is never a bad thing.

About Centennial:

Centennial is the 15th most populous city in the beautiful state of Colorado, and is currently ranked the 15th safest city in the country. The city has many hills, ravines, gullies and open spaces. In those open spaces, recreational trails and parks can often be found, including Dry Creek Dam, DeKoevend Park, Willow Creek Trail, as well as Big Dry Creek, to name a few.

Notable points of interest include the national headquarters for the Gamma Phi Beta sorority, which was the first women’s organization to coin the term “sorority.” Along with that, the 2nd largest IKEA store in the US is located in Centennial, and was awarded Project of the Year by the city in 2011 when it was built.


Centennial, CO Local Resources

City of Centennial
City of Centennial
13133 E Arapahoe Rd
, 80112
(303) 325-8000
City of Centennial
City of Centennial
13133 East Arapahoe Road
, 80112
(303) 325-8000
Tri-County Health Department
Tri-County Health Department
6162 S Willow Dr #100
, 80111
(303) 220-9200

Supply and Other Resources for Centennial

Centennial Public Works Department
Centennial Public Works Department
10730 E Briarwood Ave
, Centennial, Colorado 80112
(720) 874-6500
Same Day Office Supply
Same Day Office Supply
7076 S Alton Way
, 80112
Solid Grounds Coffee House
Solid Grounds Coffee House
6504 S Broadway
, 80121
(303) 209-7494

Centennial Little-Known Facts

Denver, lays claim to the invention of the cheeseburger. The trademark for the name Cheeseburger was awarded in 1935 to Louis Ballast.

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Methods of Colorado Medical Waste Disposal

On-Site Waste Pickup

On-site Waste Collection

Package medical waste on-site, then leave it for collection by a medical waste disposal company.

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Mailback Waste Disposal

Properly package and label the sharps, then send the biohazardous waste safely through the mail for disposal.