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MedPro Disposal offers medical waste disposal, infectious sharps waste management, OSHA compliance training including
bloodborne pathogens training and certification, and HIPAA-compliance document shredding and data destruction
services. MedPro Disposal keeps your practice safe and compliant so you can focus on what matters most, your patients.

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MedPro Disposal’s Mail Back Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Service makes it safe and easy to adhere to requirements.

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MedPro Disposal is dedicated to helping educate you and your staff on ways to make compliance a simple and hassle-free part of your life.

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Shawnee, KS

Shawnee is a city located in northwest Johnson County, Kansas, United States, and part of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 62,209.

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Medical Waste Disposal Shawnee, Kansas

Medical Waste Disposal Shawnee, Kansas

The town of Shawnee is rich in history for its examples of characteristic American Midwestern life. Its original origin comes from the Shawnee Indians who had used the land for religious and political purposes.  The people of Shawnee tribe appointed Reverend Thomas Johnson, a Methodist Minister, to employee a central schooling system for nearly 200 Indian Boys and girls from the ages of 5 to 23. In 1858, Johnson would turn the school over to his oldest son before he was murdered because he had taking an allegiance with the Union during the Civil War. Many legal battles would ultimately deed the Johnson family the mission property, but would later be acquired by the state of Kansas in 1927.

Today, the population of Shawnee is sitting at about 62,106 people. Snice the year of 2000, the city has seen a population growth of 29.83 percent. The downtown of Shawnee boasts with museums and architectural monuments. The push for more major developments and renewal efforts correlate with the population growth Shawnee has seen. Recently, a new Federal Reserve and IRS complex has been in the works to employ roughly 7,000 people. These new developments and renovations of older buildings within the city are making the city come back alive.

The Shawnee Mission Health Hospital has given back to the residents of Johnson County for more than 50 years now. Starting way back in 1962, Shawnee Mission Health now draws patients from throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan area and around the Midwest. Like all healthcare providers, Shawnee Mission Health faces problems regarding the disposal of their medical waste. Medical waste is broadly defined as any item that comes into contact with bodily fluids. Specifically, it is any solid that is generated in the diagnosis, treatment, or immunization of any human being. This is where MedPro Disposal comes into play.

Here at MedPro Disposal, we like to believe that we are your solution to facilities like Shawnee Mission Health. Providing a safe and cost-effective way for facilities within the Shawnee region to dispose of their medical waste through one of the programs offered: medical waste disposal, OSHA compliance training, and pharmaceutical mailback. Today we see that our customers are saving an annual 20-40 percent when choosing MedPro Disposal. Choosing MedPro Disposal lets us deal with your trash, so you have more time to provide the best care to the residents of Shawnee.

Traditional medical waste such as wipes, gloves, bandages, or dressing is what most people think of when speaking about medical waste. MedPro Disposal makes it easy and simple for facilities to dispose of their medical waste, big or small. All that needs to be done is the actually action throwing away the waste in one of our red-lined boxes that is provided, and the rest is for us to worry about! Once the box is full, we will be there on the scheduled pick-up date to collect the accumulated waste and provide you with more red-lined boxes that are ready to be used.

We highly suggest that your employees are trained properly to handle the hazardous medical waste material that is produced. To ensure of this, MedPro Disposal offers an OSHA compliance program that will give your employees the knowledge needed to prevent the contamination of a sterile environment. In 2011, the CDC released a statistic highlighting the amount of individuals in America that were running into infection. 17 million people were infected by medical waste, and eventually 99,000 of them experienced death. This number could have been drastically decreased if faculty of all facilities knew the do’s and don’ts of handling medical waste. This is what our OSHA compliance portal strives to teach through the convenience of ones internet. Participates are awarded a certificate of competition that can be easily found on anytime online.

The MedPro Disposal pharmaceutical mailback program is aimed towards the safe disposal of your unwanted or unused medications. Choosing us to dispose of your pharmaceutical drugs will make keeping the streets of Shawnee safe easier than ever. Our 2.5 gallon OTC/Rx buckets come equipped with a pre-paid UPS return label for a stress-free disposal process. It is very important that medical facilities practice the safe disposal of pharmaceuticals in order to be compliant on all federal and state levels. Rather than costing you a monthly payment, MedPro Disposal makes for a simple per-bucket fee.

Whether you need to dispose of pharmaceutical drugs, or a container of sharp needles, MedPro Disposal can work closely with your facility to develop the most effective strategy possibly, all at a low rate. Choosing us to dispose of your medical waste will show you the reliable service you should have been getting snice the start of your facility, for only a portion of the cost.

Shawnee, KS Local Resources

Shawnee Police Department
Shawnee Police Department
5850 Renner Rd,
Shawnee, KS 66217
(913) 631-2155
City of Shawnee
City of Shawnee
11110 Johnson Drive
Shawnee, KS 66203
(913) 742-6200
Shawnee County Health Department
Shawnee County Health Department
1615 SW 8th Ave
Topeka, KS 66606
(785) 368-2000

Supply and Other Resources for Shawnee

Public Works Department
Public Works Department
11110 Johnson Dr
Shawnee, KS 66203
(913) 631-2500
Office Depot
Office Depot
11225 Shawnee Mission Pkwy
Shawnee, KS 66203
(913) 631-1203
Scooter's Coffeehouse
Scooter's Coffeehouse
10610 Shawnee Mission Pkwy,
Shawnee, KS 66203
(913) 962-1080

Shawnee Little-Known Facts

A Shawnee Indian mission had been established at the present site of Shawnee in 1831. Shawnee was laid out as a town in 1857. In 2010, Shawnee was recognized by Money Magazine in its annual "Best Places To Live" survey, placing 17th in the United States ranking. Shawnee was recognized for its affordable housing, air quality index, and median commute time.

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Methods of Kansas Medical Waste Disposal

On-Site Waste Pickup

On-site Waste Collection

Package medical waste on-site, then leave it for collection by a medical waste disposal company.

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Mailback Waste Disposal

Properly package and label the sharps, then send the biohazardous waste safely through the mail for disposal.