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Every practice is different, and we tailor a custom solution that fits your needs and budget, from our pick-up schedule to the right kinds of biohazard and sharps containers.

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Montana Medical Waste Savings

Practice TypeZip CodeProjected Annual Savings
Health Care Clinic59427$3,600
Community Health Center59034$900

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Montana, sometimes known as the Treasure State is one of the many homes of the Yellowstone National Park and also one of the largest states in the country. With over 100 mountain ranges, Montana is one of the most mountainous states in the country. Interestingly enough, most of the state is actually flat land and prairies with only the western part of the state having mountains run through it.

During the winter these mountains make Montana an amazing vacation spot. Downhill, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling are especially popular with 15 fully developed resorts across the state.

Every year people from all around the world visit MT to vacation at these amazing resorts. In fact, according to the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development says that in 2015 non-residents spent a staggering 3.7 billion dollars, paid for $1.4 billion in salaries to Montana residents, and supported $200 million in taxes. Perhaps most importantly, tourism directly supports almost 64,000 jobs in Montana.

After agriculture, tourism is the second largest industry in Montana. Because of the booming agriculture, tourism and healthcare industries Montana’s unemployment rates run a full 1% lower than the national average with Montana at 3.9% unemployment and the average being 4.9% across the whole United States of America.

Healthcare in Montana

Trauma is one of the leading causes of death for people aged 1 to 44 years old in the US. Generally, most of these deaths are caused by car accidents or falls. Unfortunately, there are no Level 1 trauma centers in Montana. The closest Level 1 trauma center is actually in Seattle which means if you are in Billings and need to go to a trauma 1 center you would have to travel 820 miles!

The Department of Public Health and Human Services reports that due to the lack of trauma centers, and the fact that Montana has a very low population density, it can take hours before someone can be completely treated. That being said, there are 4 Trauma II centers in the state, and all healthcare workers from first responders to surgeons are given extra training on how to stabilize someone in the event that they need to be transported.

Thankfully the healthcare industry is the fastest growing industry in MT. The Billings Gazette reports that between now and 2022 the healthcare field will add 1,300 annually, or almost 8,000 jobs by 2022.

Along with the tremendous job growth, wages are also considerably higher for people in this field. For instance, in 2014 the average yearly wage for a registered nurse was $61,814. The statewide average on the other hand is $38,879 or $22,935 less than RNs.

With Great Growth Comes Great Responsibility…

As the health sector grows, so does the amount of hospitals, family practices and other medical waste generating facilities.

In order to keep Montana’s beautiful mountains free of trash you must properly dispose of all of your waste. From regular garbage to medical waste – you have to account for it all.

Medical, pharmaceutical and sharps waste is more dangerous, though. If medications aren’t disposed of properly they will leak into the local water supplies and hurt wildlife and even humans. If medical waste isn’t disposed properly it will be taken by animals such as birds and squirrels, which obviously will cause harm to these animals and possibly spread disease.

The big danger is really used needles and syringes. If there is a used needle sitting in a regular garbage can a sanitation worker may accidentally get stabbed which not only hurts, but can spread things like HIV and Hepatitis.

MedPro wants to keep Montana clean and safe for everybody. In order to do this, we provide cost effective disposal solutions so everyone from a small one doctor practice to hospitals can afford our services and do their part in keeping your state clean!

Montana EPA State Definitions

Classifications of Waste

Classifications of Medical Waste Montana* (term used, definition): Medical Waste is defined as Infectious Waste. “Infectious waste” means waste capable of producing infectious disease.

Types of Wastes

Waste includes but is not limited to:

(a) cultures and stocks of infectious agents and associated biologicals;

(b) human pathological waste, including tissues, organs, and body parts removed during surgery or an autopsy;

(c) free-flowing waste human blood and products of blood, including serum, plasma, and other blood components and items soaked or saturated with blood; and

(d) sharps that have been used in patient care, medical research, or industrial laboratories.

Storage Requirements

Management standards — procedures for storage, transportation, treatment, and disposal. (1) Infectious waste must be separated from ordinary waste at the point of origin and stored until the waste is rendered noninfectious in separate, distinct containers with biohazard warning labels in compliance with the following procedures:

(a) Sharps must be contained for storage, transportation, treatment, and subsequent disposal in leakproof, rigid, puncture-resistant containers that must be taped closed or capped securely to prevent loss of contents.

(b) Infectious waste other than sharps must be contained in moisture-proof disposable containers or bags of a strength sufficient to prevent ripping, tearing, or bursting under normal conditions of use. The bags must be securely tied to prevent leakage or expulsion of solid or liquid wastes during storage, handling, and transportation.

Montana State Resources

Montana Medical Association

2021 Eleventh Avenue, Suite 1 Billings, MT 59601


Montana Department of Public Health

1400 Broadway Billings, MT 59620

406 444-4540

Montana Chamber of Commerce

900 Gibbon St Billings, MT 59601

(406) 442-2405

Montana Little-Known Facts

You can fit Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York within our state borders and still have room left over for the District of Columbia!

Montana Online Safety Compliance Portal

We strive to provide you services in Montana that will save you money! Part of this process is to make sure you are not paying for more than you generate.

We understand the importance of saving your money without sacrificing service. MedPro will be your partner in your medical waste management program by being a low-cost provider of medical waste disposal and OSHA training services.

Have questions about compliant biohazard waste and sharps waste disposal best practices?

Why Choose MedPro Disposal for Medical Waste & Sharps Container Disposal in Montana?

Safe, affordable, fully insured medical waste management.

Reliable disposal service from an experienced provider.

Custom waste pickup and disposal solutions

OSHA, HIPAA, DOT, and other compliance training.

Methods of Montana Medical Waste Disposal

On-site Medical Waste Collection

Package medical waste on-site, then leave it for collection by a medical waste disposal company.

Mailback Waste Disposal

Properly package and label the sharps, then send the biohazardous waste safely through the mail for disposal.

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