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OSHA ComplianceOSHA Compliance Training – The MedPro Safety Compliance Suite

Compliance Trainers at MedPro are knowledgeable about the latest OSHA, DOT, EPA and other regulations. We are available to train key members of your staff who can then train other staff members to properly dispose of medical waste. You can count on MedPro be responsive to your training needs.

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Convenient Online Portal

Our convenient and comprehensive online portal has everything you need to get in compliance:
•   Interactive multimedia training
•   Easy-to-navigate tabs
•   Advanced search options
•   Guaranteed up to date regulation information
•   And More!

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Comprehensive Set of Resources

Our safety compliance suite includes a collection of online resources including simplified safety data sheet management and online safety audits. Easily create your OSHA required safety plans including exposure control, emergency preparedness and more with our online plan builder. Stay up to date with the most current regulations using our advanced search and share options. Finally, get your whole team in compliance with up to date training for HIPAA, BBP, HazCom and more. These certifications are required by law. Certificates are awarded upon completion of the training and can be saved or printed for records.

Get Enrolled, Trained, Certified and Safe!

Why choose MedPro for your safety compliance training? Simply purchasing access to training is not enough to be considered in compliance. This training is required by law and MedPro wants to assist you in getting your team not just enrolled but enrolled, trained, certified and safe! MedPro will assist you in the enrollment process as well as in assigning an administrator so you can use our online portal to monitor the training and certification of your staff. We provide support and guidance throughout the training process and are always available to answer questions.

Looking for the Login to the Compliance Suite?

If you are already a customer and looking for the portal login, it can be found on the bottom of any page under Current Customers (by the BBB Logo) or  click here.