Case Study: Azul Plastic Surgery

MedPro Disposal provides Azul Plastic Surgery not just medical waste disposal but with compliance training as well.

Azul Plastic Surgery is a plastic surgery practice under the leadership of Dr. Azul Jaffer with offices in Sugar Land, TX. It has become one of the most highly-rated cosmetic surgery practices in the United States. They needed a medical waste disposal company who could also provide them with other compliance training services for their employees such as OSHA and HIPAA Compliance. They saw MedPro as the best fit. Click here to read the full case study.

Azul plastic surgery
Azul plastic surgery

About Azul Plastic Surgery

Azul Plastic Surgery was founded in 2009 by Dr. Azul Jaffer, a double Board Certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Jaffer performs all types of plastic surgery procedures, including those of the face, breast and body. Azul Plastic Surgery is committed to helping patients achieve amazing results and regain confidence.

Results after switching to MedPro Disposal

Aside from affordable medical waste disposal service, Azul Plastic Surgery made the switch to MedPro Disposal because of the availability of compliance training in one place. They were able to take care of compliance training for all of their employees.

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About MedPro Disposal

MedPro Disposal is a premier waste disposal company, servicing 48 out of the 50 states. It provides regulated pick-up, transportation, treatment and disposal services of regulated medical waste, biohazard waste, sharps and pharmaceuticals, and a convenient mailback sharps container service. MedPro Disposal also provides safety compliance training. Over 25,000 healthcare practices have made the switch to MedPro Disposal.

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