What MedPro Can Do For Your Practice


Your choice in medical waste management service has a bigger impact on your practice than you might think. With MedPro you’ll:

  • Gain peace of mind around incidents and needle sticksdoctors
  • Reduced risk with our convenient and comprehensive compliance training services
  • Active assistance in getting you trained, certified, and safe
  • Continuous review of OSHA regulations to ensure your compliance
  • End pricing surprises — Enjoy the predictable service you’ve come to expect without the uncertainty of ever-changing costs
  • Prices are locked in for the first year, and increases are capped at 6% annually
  • Quotes are true-to-life: What we quote is what you pay
  • No additional fuel/stop charges, environmental/energy fees, or other “mystery” invoice items
  • Receive quick answers to your service needs
  • Dedicated support and sales teams – The person who you speak to on your introductory call is the same person who addresses your questions in the future
  • Your service and billing needs are addressed without explaining your issues to multiple representatives
  • Enjoy the protection and benefits of a large company, without getting lost in a sea of customers
  • Service, friendliness, and availability of a small company with the awareness, protection, and professionalism of a nationally-minded organization
  • $12 million in insurance coverage