A Call for a Broader Strategy in Cancer Treatment with the Allure and Pitfalls of Precision Medicine

Precision medicine’s personalized therapies for cancer using advanced diagnostics and customized drugs hold significant promise. However, a closer look reveals the need for a more nuanced understanding of this intricate strategy’s limitations and ethical dilemmas.


One major limitation of precision medicine is its high price. The sophisticated diagnostic tools and carefully crafted drugs driving this approach come with a hefty cost, creating a divide between those who can afford access and those left without. This raises an ethical question: should financial resources determine one’s fate in the face of life-saving interventions? Is it morally acceptable for affordability to be the deciding factor in receiving a chance against cancer?

Limited Reach

Another challenge is the need for more effectiveness of precision medicine. While some cancers with evident genetic roots respond well to targeted therapies, others with complex or poorly understood causes remain a mystery. This leaves a significant part of the cancer-fighting population dealing with a poorly understood enemy, their access to effective treatment uncertain. This reality underscores the need for research that delves into the molecular landscapes of these less-understood cancers, paving the way for effective therapies beyond current precision approaches.

Shifting the Paradigm

In light of these limitations, this suggests a shift in focus. Instead of solely fixating on advanced but often inaccessible treatments, it advocates for a comprehensive strategy addressing societal factors contributing to cancer vulnerability. To fight cancer, we must address social determinants of health by investing in prevention, public health, and social equity.

Integrating Advancements with Equity

Medical advancements should be integrated into a holistic framework prioritizing accessibility and equity. Collaboration is critical to building an accessible healthcare system that considers social determinants in the fight against cancer.

To beat cancer, we need to prioritize accessibility and equity in healthcare. This will create a future where hope is available to everyone, not just a lucky few.

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