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Disposing of Pharmaceutical Waste

Pharmaceutical Waste
Pharmaceutical waste is one of the many types of regulated medical waste. It must be handled differently than biohazard waste and sharps waste. Disposal of it also depends on whether you’re a healthcare entity or a sole individual.   What is Pharmaceutical Waste? Pharmaceutical waste is defined as unused, expired, or leftover medication that can’t…

How to Dispose of Various Prescription Medications

Pharmaceutical Disposal
According to numerous studies, an alarming amount of pharmaceutical drugs are ending up in our lakes, rivers, and drinking water. How do they get here? Improper disposal by consumers and healthcare providers. With so many different medications like over-the-counter medicines, controlled substances, non-controlled medications, and hazardous waste pharmaceuticals, it can be difficult to understand how…

Full List of Amlodipine Recalls, FDA 2012-2017

Amlodipine tablets
There have been nine major Amlodipine recalls since 2012 and seven minor ones. There are actually 49 FDA recall orders for the popular generic, but that’s because each major recall is made up of several orders each. This drug has a much rockier recall history than most of the other most common generics. The biggest…

Medication Return Programs and Waste Disposal Concerns

Pharmaceutical Disposal
Pharmacies around the country have been participating in the pharmaceutical take-back collection of prescription and over-the-counter drug programs. The dates and locations are preset and can be located in a clinic, hospital, retail environment or local law enforcement agency. Typically there are members of law enforcement available on site and the medication is accepted without…

What is Not Considered Medical Waste?

medical waste disposal bins
Medical waste is broad term that can be fitted to towards a wide range of waste. There are set rules and regulations what can and not go into a medical waste bag. These rules are in place to make disposal of infectious waste safe for both healthcare workers and the environment. Some types of waste…

Can I Throw Over-The-Counter Medication Down the Drain?

Ocean Life
Absolutely Not! Throwing your medications down the drain is prohibited. This is the most wrong way you can dispose of any medications you may have. This is due for many obvious reasons. Medicines that are flushed or poured down the drain can end up polluting water system. Thus, contaminating aquatic species and a community’s food…

How to Dispose of Expired Inhalers

used inhaler disposal
Used inhalers are an interesting item to dispose of. In fact, most people have no idea what to do with them and simply keep them or throw them in their garbage. There are a few obvious reasons for this, and some that might surprise you… Why Can’t You Just Throw Used Inhalers Away? There are…

Why You Need to Stop Flushing Your Expired Meds

Pharmaceutical Disposal
Are you currently flushing or throwing away your expired medications? Ever wonder how to dispose of old medications? Read this blog to find out!

FDA is Pushed to Change Current Pharmaceutical Waste Policy to End “Flush List”

Pharmaceutical mailback services
30-40 percent of leftover and expired medications in American homes go unused. Here's how to properly dispose of them without creating pharmaceutical waste.

How to Dispose of Pharmaceutical Waste (expired pills)

pharmaceutical waste disposal services
Do you know how to safely dispose of expired pharmaceuticals? Improper disposal will lead to many bad side effects, find out how to do it correctly here.