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PRESS RELEASE: MedPro Disposal joins forces with MFI Medical to Provide Additional Value to Customers

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MFI and MedPro will work together to help customers save on all their practice needs. NAPERVILLE, IL, USA, August 3, 2018 / MFI Medical Equipment, Inc. (MFI) has joined forces with MedPro Disposal, LLC(MedPro) to help provide their clients with an alternative solution for their required services. With surcharges and additional fees on the rise…

Patient Alert: The Dangers of Energy Drinks and Alcohol Combinations

The popularity of energy drinks seems to be increasing on an exponential level. If you are in doubt, you only need to visit your local grocery store or even the corner convenience store to see the expansive line of energy drink selections. But as with almost anything that the general consumer can buy over the…

Why We Love Medical Waste Disposal (And You Should, Too!)

bio medical waste disposal
The MedPro Disposal sales team members let us know what they love most about working in the medical waste disposal field.

What Our Customers Taught Us About MedPro

osha compliance training online
We surveyed our customers to learn more about them and about what we could do to improve. Boy did we learn a lot...but we had fun too!

Valentine’s Day Cards for your Medical Industry Friends

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MedPro wants to share the love this Valentine's day with these medical industry-themed e-cards.