Celebrating National Clean-up Day

On September 17th, the United States celebrates its annual National CleanUp Day, where cleanups are held in every state to reduce litter and help clean up local communities, parks, trails, beaches, and more.

Now more than ever, it is vital to help keep the earth clean, and it is our job as people to properly dispose of our waste and keep it out of our food and water sources. z

At MedPro Waste Disposal, one of our core values is preserving our environment, which is why we do it correctly when we dispose of our waste. We utilize environmentally friendly disposal options across the nation. From fuel-efficient vehicles to disposing of our client’s biohazard waste using steam-powered autoclave machinery, we attempt to minimize our impact on local communities. All our services help keep the hazardous waste from leaking into groundwater and contaminating our drinking water and the animals living in the water source.

CleanUp Day is celebrated on September 17th in the United States. Cleanups are held in every state to reduce litter and clean the community.

Environmental Effects of Biohazardous Waste and Medical Waste

Biohazardous waste poses a massive threat to the environment if disposed of improperly. Hiring a professional waste disposal service that knows how to properly dispose of the waste without hurting the environment is essential. Biohazard waste is generally defined as any waste contaminated with potentially infectious agents or materials that may threaten public health or the environment.

MedPro Waste Disposal ensures our customers that their waste will be disposed of properly by following all necessary regulations to transport, store, and treat it correctly.

So, what happens if biohazardous waste does not get disposed of properly?

Multiple adverse outcomes will happen, such as killing animals that come into contact with it, groundwater contamination, radioactive pollution, widespread airborne pollutants, and more. It also affects humans as it will contaminate our food and water sources. Digested could result in cancer, genetic mutations, congenital disabilities, physical deformations, kidney failure, and other severe illnesses.

These are only some consequences of improperly disposing of hazardous waste, but as we celebrate National CleanUp Day, remember to hire a waste disposal company that will ensure environmental safety.

CleanUp Day is celebrated on September 17th in the United States. Cleanups are held in every state to reduce litter and clean the community.

Individual Practices to correctly dispose of your waste

Understanding the consequences of improper disposal practices is critical to choose to use a medical waste disposal company or not. However, not all waste disposal companies pick up hazardous waste, so everyone needs to understand what they can do to keep our earth clean. Believe it or not, many household items are hazardous and need cannot be thrown in the trash and still need to be treated as hazardous waste when disposed of. Some examples of household hazardous waste are chemical cleaners, paints, thinners, antifreeze, weed killers, insecticides, and pesticides.

There are two ways to dispose of hazardous household waste properly:

  • Dispose of it for free at local permanent collection sites or one-day collections
  • If there are no collection sites or a specific collection day, look for local waste facilities that will take the waste.

Celebrate National CleanUp Day

It is crucial to remain environmentally conscious, regardless of the type of waste produced. By 2050, it is expected that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish which is why people must start taking action to help reduce the amount of plastic and contaminants that pollute our waterways. This National CleanUp Day, we at MedPro encourage everyone to reach out and attend community cleanup events in your state to help prevent plastic from entering our oceans and pollutants that will harm the environment and the animals in it. All volunteers are welcome and require no payment to participate. Click here to find more information regarding registering and what cleanup events are located near you.

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