I Filled Up My Red Bag, Now What?

Biohazard Disposal Bag

This answer actually varies state-to-state, but in this article I will be focusing on federal regulations.

If you find yourself with a bio-bag full of solid infectious waste, and don’t know what to do with it, you’ve come to the right place.

After tying your bag closed you have to check for a few things first. One, if there is a danger of your biohazard bag leaking, you should place it inside another bag to collect the leakage. Two, once you are ready to ship the waste away, you must place it in another leak proof container. In some states this is a specially made cardboard box, in other states it’s a plastic container.

Generally, your medical waste disposal vendor will provide you with the container you need to place your bag in. In that case, simply place your bag in the box and wait for or schedule your next pickup.

All biohazard waste MUST be placed in a bag and a secondary leak proof container as medical waste transporters cannot pick up just the bag for safety reasons.

Once your waste is picked up it is transported to a sterilization facility where it is either autoclaved, incinerated, or chemically treated.

After sterilization the waste is sorted for recycling, with the non-recyclable waste going to a sanitary landfill, and the recyclable waste going to a special facility where it is melted down and re-used.

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