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  • Comprehensive Compliance Solutions
  • Online Document Retrieval (most areas)
  • Simple Pricing (no hidden fees or surcharges)
  • Dedicated Customer Service
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  • State-Of-The Art tracking and routing software (saves money)

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta encompasses 132.4 square miles, of which 131.7 square miles is land and 0.7 square miles is water. The city is situated among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and at 1,050 feet above mean sea level, Atlanta has the highest elevation of major cities east of the Mississippi River. Atlanta straddles the Eastern Continental Divide, such that rainwater that falls on the south and east side of the divide flows into the Atlantic Ocean, while rainwater on the north and west side of the divide flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Atlanta sits atop a ridge south of the Chattahoochee River, which is part of the ACF River Basin. Located at the far northwestern edge of the city, much of the river’s natural habitat is preserved, in part by the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

Atlanta, GA Local Resources

Environmental Protection Division

Environmental Protection Division
http://www.gaepd.org/ Environmental Protection Division
2 Martin Luther King Drive
Atlanta, GA 30334

Medical Association of Georgia

Medical Association of Georgia
http://www.mag.org/ Medical Association of Georgia
1849 The Exchange, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30339

Metro Atlanta Chamber

Metro Atlanta Chamber
http://www.metroatlantachamber.com/ Metro Atlanta Chamber
235 Andrew Young
Atlanta, GA 30303

Supply and Other Resources for Atlanta

Georgia Recycling Coalition

Georgia Recycling Coalition
http://www.georgiarecycles.org/ Georgia Recycling Coalition
Post Office Box 550667
Atlanta, GA 30355

Office of Solid Waste

Office of Solid Waste
http://www.atlantaga.gov/index.aspx?page=491 Office of Solid Waste
55 Trinity Avenue, SW Suite 4700
Atlanta, GA 30303

Artlite Your Business Source

Artlite Your Business Source
http://www.artlite.net/ Artlite Your Business Source
1860 Cheshire Bridge Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30324

About Us

MedPro Medical Waste Disposal Atlanta, Georiga

Emory Medical School anchors a community of healthcare professionals in Atlanta which is served by the Atlanta Medical Center and Emory University Hospital. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals combine to deliver healing to the sick, and well-care to over 5.5 million residents in the Greater Atlanta Metro area.

Medical waste is a by-product of almost every hospital, clinic, and medical practice office in Georgia and when it is produced it must be handled, transported, and disposed of according to the Rules and Regulations of the State of Georgia and the applicable rule is 391-3-4-.15.

Medical waste is also called biomedical waste and biohazardous waste – it includes needles, bandages, tubing, and any other item which has come into contact with bodily fluids or tissue. Due to the possibility of infectious disease being associated with medical waste, it must be handled only by trained personnel who work for licensed and insured companies.

Recent changes in the medical industry include new regulations, mostly pertaining to insurance, which require more paperwork and more personnel to deal with the paperwork. Hospital and medical practice budgets are stretched to the limit, so every possible effort must be made to cut costs.

MedPro understands everyone’s budget situation and has created the MedPro Advantage, a bundle of benefits to help our customers do their jobs better. Some examples:

Training – The medical industry is possibly the most regulated when it comes to required continuing education, and MedPro created an online platform that covers the safety related portion.

The MedPro Online Safety Compliance Portal includes modules for HIPPA and HazCom training, a module that allows fire-prevention and exposure control plans to be developed, access to all OSHA regulations, and a conversion tool for the ICD9 to ICD10 transition.

Cost Control and Consistency – MedPro creates a service plan for each customer that is based on their specific needs, then a one-flat-fee is set, and that’s the price on the monthly invoice. MedPro invoices never have any surprise charges and customers can pay through our website or the old-fashioned way with a stamp and envelope.

MedPro is currently serving 44 states with safe, reliable service. Our resources allow us to consolidate on a regional basis some of our operations. Cutting labor and fuel costs allows us to pass savings on to our customers. Cutting costs helps us build loyalty and better business relationships, which is what we’re all about.

Risk Containment – MedPro Waste Disposal has maintained a very high level of insurance coverage to minimize exposure to risk for us and for our customers. The price for peace-of-mind must be paid.


Customer Service – This is an area where so many people have complaints. Then when they call to complain, they wait on hold and eventually talk to a robot. MedPro made the decision long ago to create a special position in the company: the Dedicated Customer Advocate. This person is every customer’s go-to contact for any issues or questions. Billing, pick-ups, training…anything. The dedicated advocate is there with answers and solutions.

Searching the news for medical waste-related stories will usually produce some unpleasant results. Bags of needles and other waste are sometimes found tossed along a roadside or mixed in with regular trash. This is an example of why all medical professionals should be very careful about their choice of a medical waste service provider. MedPro has worked hard to earn an exemplary reputation and safety record from coast-to-coast.

Our website is also a portal for billing or customer support issues. Click the tab and complete the form, a ticket is generated and a resolution will be promptly returned.

Healthcare professionals in Atlanta can get to know MedPro with a call to our sales department at 888-641-6131 and ask for a price quote. Most often doctors and administrators are surprised how much money MedPro will save them over their current provider.

Atlanta Little-Known Facts

Atlanta is one of only two cities in the world to be home to two Nobel Peace Prize winners. At the age of 35, Martin Luther King Jr. was the youngest man to receive the Noble Peace Prize in 1964. President Jimmy Carter received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002 and became the third U.S. President to receive this honor. The Prizes are on display at the Martin Luther King National Historic Site and The Jimmy Carter Library and Museum, both located in downtown Atlanta.