How to Choose a Medical Waste Management Company

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Choosing to partner with another service provider should never be taken lightly, particularly when selecting a medical waste management company. After all, you will be putting a lot of trust into the partner you choose, and choosing unwisely could result in numerous fines and penalties.

Improper regulated medical waste disposal can cause the spread of disease and bodily injury, and be a financial liability to your practice so it’s incredibly important that you select a management company that will handle everything correctly and put your mind at ease.

With this in mind, here are some things to consider when choosing a medical waste management company.

How Much Experience Do They Have?

Experience in the industry is quite priceless. An experienced company will not only have a proven track record of superior service, but they will have also optimized their routes and processes to ensure optimal pickup and proper disposal. Find a company that has been around the block, seen how the industry has evolved, and made the proper adjustments to service their clients better.

Are They Accessible and Transparent?

Accessibility and transparency are two incredibly important parts of a medical waste disposal company. Find one that has the level of customer service you and your staff require. For instance, some practices simply need regularly-scheduled pickups and secure handling, while others require numerous questions be answered and one-off pickups from time-to-time.

Also, it’s important to recognize that with the many EPA changes to regulations, you’ll need a medical waste management company that stays up-to-date and can answer your questions whenever you have them.

What will they charge for, do you know All of Your Fees?

Make sure any prospective company discloses all potential fees and surcharges so you’ll know exactly what you are expected to pay. In general, the more questions you ask upfront about services and costs, the less likely you’ll be surprised when you start being billed.

Do They Offer Training?

OSHA compliance training is necessary to ensure that your company complies with all state and federal laws.  There’s courses that need to be taken annually, and others that need to be taken to ensure your employees understand the changes in policies from year to year.  Because you see patients and perform medical work, you must ensure your employees go through all necessary OSHA compliance training.

The courses they offer should include:

  • OSHA bloodborne pathogen training.
  • HIPAA training.
  • Hazard communication standard training.

Make sure the company you select offers training that works for your facility- it could be in-person training, or online training, but online training is usually a lot less expensive and a lot more convenient.

Are They Compliant with All Waste Disposal Regulations?

Regulations on all state and federal levels can change, and frequently, so you’ll want to go with a company that stays up to date and compliant always. Remember, your practice and money are on the line.

If you are currently looking to partner with a medical waste disposal company who can tick all of these boxes, get in touch with us. We’re here to make your business safe and compliant, and to give you peace of mind.


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