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Ophthalmology 60540 $8,280
Gastroenterology 60540 $1,873
Allergist 60563 $4,601

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Medical Waste Disposal Naperville, IL

Every business has a primary focus, and then there are the “other” issues like payroll, insurance, equipment maintenance, even trash removal that take time and attention.

As a healthcare professional, your top three focal points are patients, patients, and patients. It is best not to be distracted by those other issues if possible, so you try to engage with business partners who are the best, because they will cause you the least amount of worry or concern.

Hospitals, medical offices and clinics are responsible for not only waste disposal, but medical waste disposal, a whole different and more complex issue. So what does a practice or office manager, a hospital administrator, or doctor look for when selecting a medical waste disposal company?

In Naperville, Illinois, medical waste transportation and disposal is subject to very specific regulations which are enforced by the Illinois Department of Environmental Protection. Title XV is the name of the applicable statute, and the term used by the Department for medical waste is Potentially Infectious Medical Waste, or PIMW.

It’s probably best to consider four important qualifications when making a list and screening companies who will provide waste containers, collect the materials, transport them, and properly dispose of everything according to the law.

So, the four qualifications which are necessary to have seamless service regarding your medical waste disposal needs are:

    1. Cost – This issue is number one on the list for many hospitals and medical offices for good reason. Medical costs have skyrocketed, and insurance issues along with salaries, the cost of drugs and other medical items have squeezed everyone’s budget to the limit. The Med-Pro Commitment says we will save you money while delivering the highest level of service.A medical waste company serving Naperville must be able to operate efficiently enough to work within the limits of their customer’s budgets and at the same time provide superior service. Med-Pro has a large number of cost-cutting ideas that are offered to every customer when applicable.An all-in-one invoice with no surprises is a concept that medical offices prefer over bills with countless detailed individual charges. A flat-fee for a total package should be offered and will be received with relief in an industry where billing has become a daily, looming albatross.
    2. Service – Question: Is the company you hire large enough to cover your needs without interruption? Do they have sufficient manpower and resources to do the job without problems or excuses? The last thing you want or need is a pile of red bags in the hallway waiting for an overdue pickup. The Med-Pro Advantage says we will provide right-sized service, the right number of pick-ups at the right time so your needs are met and your budget is respected.There are some businesses where a “neighborhood” company is attractive, but not in the case of medical waste removal and disposal. A company with a nationwide presence is best-suited to handle your needs in a professional manner. Med-Pro is nationwide.
    3. Being a national company, can Med-Pro handle small medical offices? Every customer, large or small is assigned a Dedicated Customer Advocate, who is the person responsible for every detail related to your account. This person is always available to discuss and resolve issues related to pick-ups, billing, and any other concern.Does your medical waste disposal company have a track-record with other healthcare providers? Are they fully insured? Can they provide you with testimonials from clients who will attest to their superior service? Will your medical waste company offer you service guarantee? In other words, if there is a tardy pickup or other mistake, will they make good with a credit to your account? Med-Pro delivers superior service and peace-of-mind.
    4. Experience – There is no substitute for experience. The medical waste industry has plenty of newcomers, but in such a complex industry only time and experience will provide the knowledge necessary to understand the rules, the methods, and the ability to handle the unexpected. Experience makes the unexpected expected.With experience, for example, comes the ability to place waste receptacles in such a manner as they are totally unobtrusive. The problem of medical waste and odor is real, and your medical waste disposal company should be able to make it a non-issue.
    5. Partnership – Your medical waste disposal company should be more than a service provider. They need to have the skill and experience to help you map out a long-term strategy that meets your goals in the short and long-term. The ability to grow with your practice and recommend better ways to handle medical waste as the entire medical community and industry changes.

Conclusion – Certainly no one would have imagined the amazing advancements in U.S. medicine we see today even a few years ago. The entire medical community must work together from the front desk to the examining room, the operating and recovery rooms, and out the door to the medical waste facility. Doctors, nurses, and patients in Naperville expect and deserve superior service and care, and your medical waste partner is an integral part of the process.

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