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Practice Type Zip Code Projected Annual Savings
OBGYN 61107 $4,278
Family Practice 61104 $3,520
Outpatient Clinic 61108 $1,200

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Medical Waste Disposal Rockford, IL

When you hire an exterminator for your home, you don’t expect to have to run around the house with a can of Raid. You just want the bugs gone.

The reason people hire professionals to do a job is so they can focus what’s most important to them, and for healthcare professionals that means keeping patients healthy and treating those who are sick.

One product of all doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals is medical waste. It must be properly collected, removed, transported, and disposed of according to the applicable laws in that area.

In the state of Illinois the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) oversees and regulates the medical waste disposal industry and is responsible for the enforcement of Title XV of the Illinois EPA Act regarding Potentially Infectious Medical Waste (PIMW).

The State provides a Fact Sheet online with definitions of terms, descriptions of procedures and standards which will give a medical care provider some insight as to what is expected and required under the Act, but does not fulfill any legal obligation under the Act or regulations promulgated thereunder.

In Rockford, Illinois, healthcare providers have a choice when selecting a service to handle their medical waste, and the critical considerations are:

Cost, Experience, Service, and Consultative Skills

    • Cost: One of the most important considerations for any business is cost. We would all like to think that when it comes to healthcare, there is no limit on how much time or money is expended. The fact is that budgets are tight nationwide in the healthcare industry and every reasonable savings method has to be examined. Quality is never compromised, but efficiency must be observed. No business likes surprises. An all-in-one monthly invoice that includes materials, removal, transportation and disposal with no surprises gives a medical practice the stability they need to continuously meet their financial goals. The MedProCommitment says we will save you money while delivering excellent service.One program for reducing costs is a mail-back program. In some instances and for some materials healthcare providers can use specially constructed and conspicuously labeled receptacles to mail waste to a designated location for safe disposal. This is done on the basis of what restrictions there may be in a given city or state and in Rockford that would be determined by an analysis of the individual situation.A medical waste disposal firm with nationwide capabilities is most likely to be able to deliver services in an efficient manner, and is therefore able to pass on savings to customers in the form of lower costs.
    • Experience: There is no substitute for experience. A medical waste disposal company that has many years of experience is well aware of issues such as frequency of medical waste pick-up, proper storage space, and odor problems. A patient sitting in an exam room should never be subjected to even being aware that medical waste is present, visually or by the sense of smell. Efficient removal and transport away from the facility is best handled by an experienced provider.Your medical waste disposal company should be fully insured. MedPro is.Knowledge of all pertinent rules, regulations and laws comes with experience, as does vigilance for changes. Regulators constantly update requirements in the area of medical waste and dealing with those issues is best trusted to an experienced firm. Compliance is a cornerstone for MedProDisposal’s commitment to building customer relationships.
    • Service: A medical waste disposal firm with a nationwide presence and documented client base can best provide the materials for collection, the timely visits to facilities, and the proper disposal of medical waste. References from current clients should be available when contacting a prospective removal firm, and a human voice should be available at all times a medical office is operating to answer questions and handle issues. The MedProAdvantage is right-sized service: the right number of pick-ups at the proper intervals so your needs are met and your costs are minimized. Every MedProcustomer is introduced to a Dedicated Customer Advocate, the point person responsible for everything related to your needs.Proper service comes with adequate resources. A disposal firm should have sufficient personnel and resources so a medical care provider never hears ‘sorry, Bob’s out sick,’ ‘the truck broke down’ or ‘we’re all out of containers.’ The medical profession does not operate on excuses.A service guarantee should be afforded all healthcare providers, with a promise that if the medical waste disposal company fails to meet a pickup time or deadline, there will be a credit issued.
    • Consultative Skills: A healthcare provider chooses a medical waste disposal company based on the above criteria, but what they also need is a consultative partner who can assess their needs and goals from the outset, and make recommendations as business conditions change.If a medical office were to add a second location, for example, that may or may not double the cost of medical waste disposal. There are ways to look at every conceivable situation and outline a strategy that best suits each particular change.



Conclusion Rockford is a thriving city of approximately 150,000 residents in northern Illinois where excellent medical care and treatment is available through outstanding doctors, clinics, and hospitals such as the Swedish American Hospital and OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center. The Rockford Health System combines the resources of Rockford Memorial Hospital, a 490-bed tertiary care hospital, Rockford Clinic, and more than 175 primary and specialty doctors to also deliver superior medical services.

Healthcare providers in Rockford are on the cutting edge of the latest in medicine as they are located very near medical centers and schools in nearby Chicago where some of the finest facilities in the world are based. The doctors, technicians, nurses, clinicians, researchers, and medical practice managers strive to provide the very highest level of care possible as they navigate the many rules, regulations, and procedures regarding procedures, safety and cleanliness. They depend on a medical waste disposal firm that is not just a service provider, but an integral member of their team, who participates actively in their promise to provide superior medical care.

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