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Practice Type Zip Code Projected Annual Savings
OBGYN 60195 $2,262
Ear Nose and Throat 60174 $3,000
Orthopaedics 60178 $1,159

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Medical and Biohazardous Waste Disposal Schaumburg, IL

Approximately 28 miles northwest of the Chicago loop is Schaumberg, a village of about 75,000 people and home to the Woodfield Mall, the 11th largest mall in America.

The original inhabitants were American Indians from various tribes, but later people from Germany came to settle in the area and the township was named for Schaumberg County in Germany.

Hoffman Estates borders Schaumberg on the north and is home to St. Alexius Medical Center, a hospital with 300+ beds and over 2,000 employees. Schaumberg is also the future home of the world headquarters for the American Society of Anesthesiologists, a medical association with over 50,000 members. The Bonaventure Medical Group and the NCH Medical Group have offices in Schaumburg and hundreds of physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals live and work in the village.

Physicians in Illinois receive licenses through the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation and most doctors are members of the Illinois State Medical Society. State agencies and professional societies have, for years, maintained and enforced the standards that make the American healthcare system the envy of the rest of the world.

With the operation of hospitals, doctor’s offices and other medical facilities in Schaumburg comes medical waste. Also called bio-hazardous waste, this by-product also falls under the supervision of a regulatory agency, in Illinois it is the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. The State of Illinois calls medical waste Potentially Infectious Medical Waste (PIMW) and defines it as waste generated in connection with the diagnosis, treatment (i.e., provision of medical services), or immunization of human beings or animals; research pertaining to the provision of medical services; or the provision or testing of biologicals.

Because of the hazardous nature of medical waste, this is a very serious part of medical operations and the professional companies that handle it must be licensed, qualified, experienced, and insured.

When a physician, practice manager, or hospital administrator considers the choice of a medical waste company there are factors that should be weighed very carefully. One of those factors is cost.

Cost – MedPro Disposal is very proud to offer the most competitive rates in the industry to our potential customers. Part of our MedPro Advantage is what we call “right-size” pricing, which means each office or facility is fitted with the appropriate number of pick-ups spaced at the best intervals to give customers superior service along with very low prices.

We are 100% committed to saving you money. Ask us for a quote!

Also, medical professionals have enough paperwork to deal with so we listened to their complaints about confusing invoices with extra charges like “fuel surcharge” and “documentation fees.” You will never deal with those with MedPro Disposal, because a one-flat-rate invoice that covers everything.

Another MedPro Advantage is the Dedicated Customer Advocate. This is a specialist who is introduced to our customers on day one and remains the point-of-contact for all billing, pickup, training, or compliance issues.

And speaking of training, we are very pleased to offer online OSHA training as part of our service!

When you speak with a MedPro sales representative or a Dedicated Customer Advocate, feel free to inquire about sharps disposal, expired prescription drug disposal, our mail-back program, or any other question or concern. We are a full-service medical waste disposal company and we are happy to share our expertise and experience.

Compliance – MedPro is a nationwide company that prides itself on having the highest understanding and compliance with all local, state, and national regulations. This is not the type of business that permits cutting corners, and our reputation attests to our strict adherence to pick-up, transportation, and disposal protocols.

Service is the key to building and keeping relationships with customers. As a national company we are always armed with the resources necessary to stay ahead of problems that may face smaller medical waste disposal companies.

Insurance – Smaller companies may not carry sufficient insurance, and this is a very high cause for concern. Due to the dangerous nature of bio-hazardous and other medical waste, a medical facility should not worry what happens once the containers and receptacles have left the property. MedPro Disposal is fully insured.

What profession is more important than treating and curing sick people? The answer is none, and MedPro Disposal works hard to stay at the top of our segment of that profession. In Schaumburg and the surrounding communities of Hoffman Estates, Elk Grove Village, Roselle, and Rolling Meadows, MedPro Disposal is pleased to offer very competitive prices and superior service to the healthcare industry.

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