In The Eyes of An Intern: Megan Wright

As I approach the last week of my marketing internship with MedPro Waste Disposal, I can confidently say that I have gained a lot of experience in the marketing field and collaboration across all departments. As a result, I now feel I can succeed in the future working in the field of marketing. In addition, I now better understand how to market for a B2B business versus a B2C. Overall, interning with MedPro was everything I hoped for in a college internship. 

Throughout the seven weeks I spent interning at MedPro, I was tasked with researching various lead generation companies and researching them to determine which would benefit the company the most and provide us with the needed services. I was also assigned to explore several private equity companies that could partner with MedPro in the future. I learned a lot from the assigned work and now have a better understanding of the healthcare industry and how private equity companies operate. 

Fortunately, my internship was in-person, which significantly helped me gain more experience working in an office and completing my assigned work in person, where I could ask questions anytime I was unsure what to do. I was also asked to create a write-up presentation on how to bring in more leads and increase our brand awareness.

In addition, I was lucky enough to work under the head of the marketing department and assist her with any assignments that she needed me to do. I also got to attend meetings with another employee to help brainstorm ideas for a potential new campaign.


When I first arrived at MedPro Waste Disposal, I was extremely nervous as I had never had real-world business experience, let alone in the marketing department.

However, as I got further into my internship, I began learning from both the clients I talked to and my coworkers. As a result, I am now much more confident in my abilities and have the skill set to succeed in marketing.

Overall, I cannot express my gratitude to all the employees at MedPro Waste Disposal for giving me the knowledge I needed to feel confident as I near my last year of college. 

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