In the Eyes of the Intern: Anna

Remote Intern - Anna

After my remote internship with MedPro Disposal for the past couple of months, I can confidently say I’ve gotten a better look at the marketing world and how important marketing is. The healthcare industry is heavily trafficked by multiple corporations and companies, so it was interesting to see how MedPro Disposal is able to reach both competitors and partners through advertising and marketing.

Over the span of the past several weeks of my remote internship, I was in charge of reaching out to a handful of medical journal publications, asking them about potential marketing opportunities. These opportunities included advertising, press and media kits. Prior to this internship, I was unaware of the many tactics that can be used to promote companies. Some publications offered only some select marketing opportunities, but larger, more popular publications offered a range of options that are designed to target specific audiences in different ways.

As a remote intern, I also spent a lot of my time writing blog posts. These blog posts ranged from how medical waste is disposed to OSHA and HIPAA compliance to sharps containers and much more. I was looking to gain writing experience, and pushing out three blog drafts a week allowed me to do exactly that. It allowed me to further develop my writing skills, adapt to MedPro Disposal’s writing style and tone and overall teach me more about the medical waste and healthcare industries.

Coming into this internship, I wasn’t very confident in my understanding of marketing and what’s involved in successfully marketing a business to help reach its full potential. After learning about the various tactics companies use to market their products and/or services, I’m now much more comfortable conversing about marketing, as well as reaching out to promoters about potential opportunities to market. Overall, it’s been a very beneficial internship, and I’m excited to continue learning about the marketing world.

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