In the Eyes of the Intern: Anthony

Intern - Anthony

During my time as an intern with MedPro Disposal, I learned and absorbed a plethora of different tools and skills I can use in my professional career. Since day one, I was welcomed with open arms by the supporting and collaborative staff. They were very accepting and helpful with any questions I had.

Being an intern, I found myself always working on a project, learning a new application or my thinking being challenged. We started off shadowing the sales representatives, which gave me an in-depth look at the sales process. Once we were well-versed on the company, its history, its services and the sales process, we were tasked with doing some research of our own. Finding leads and contacts challenged my problem-solving skills.

About halfway through my time as an intern, we started cold calling leads. The first few calls weren’t the greatest because I was nervous, but it quickly became easy to call others on the phone and converse with them. Over time, it became second nature.

Another reason being an intern here was beneficial was I learned a lot through listening and observation. I had an excellent management team teaching me how to be a better professional in the workplace and ensuring my success as one of their employees. By the end, I felt I learned as much as I could and it has helped develop me further into a young professional.

MedPro Disposal was an excellent company for me to intern at. They allowed me to explore a profession I’ve wanted to pursue. Becoming familiar with the sales process and techniques was very insightful, but I also learned in a fair and honest way. There were no shortcuts or hidden agendas at MedPro Disposal, which is one important truth that kept me excited to come to work every day.

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