List of Documents that Every Business Must Shred

Every business has documents and data that must be professionally shredded and destroyed. Any business must protect company data whether it is available to the public.

The most effective way to destroy company data is hiring a company to do the shredding for your company because not only does it save your company time and money, but it ensures that the destruction of data remains compliant with HIPAA regulations and provides an extra layer of security with locked shredding bins.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule requires the necessary safeguards to guarantee the protection of medical records and Protected Health Information (PHI) throughout the document’s lifespan and the requirements for its disposal. 

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18 types of medical records and documents that are classified as Protected Health Information and covered under the HIPAA privacy laws

  1. Patient Names 
  1. Dates 
  1. Geographic Identifiers 
  1. Phone Numbers 
  1. Fax Numbers 
  1. Email Addresses 
  1. Medical Record Numbers 
  1. Biometric Identifiers (fingerprints or retinal scan) 
  1. Full Face Photos and Comparable Images 
  1. Social Security Numbers 
  1. Health Plan Beneficiary Numbers 
  1. Account Numbers 
  1. Certificate/License Numbers 
  1. Vehicle Identifiers and Serial Numbers (including license plates) 
  1. Device Identifiers and Serial Numbers 
  1. Web URLs 
  1. Internet Protocol (IP) Address Numbers 
  1. Unique Identifying Numbers, Characteristics, or Codes 

Benefits of Shredding

  • Identity Theft or Data Breach Prevention – Your everyday functions around the office can require large amounts of information that could be useful if a thief were after your identity or information. Shredding protects you from identity theft, the nation’s fastest growing crime. ​
  • Free Up Space – People often shred because they no longer have room to store all the paper that they have accumulated over many years. Shredding lets you create new space in your home or office, eliminating the hazards associated with overburdened file cabinets and boxes.​
  • Recycle – Save The Earth – Recycling paper just makes sense – and all you must do is watch your documents get dropped into a secure container. Shredding allows you to turn unnecessary, excess paper into new products, and promote a more sustainable planet.
HIPAA Compliance Documents

How MedPro Disposal can Help with Data Destruction and Shredding

MedPro Waste Disposal offers HIPAA-compliant data and document destruction services, including hard drives, paper patient records, and more private health information. Our hard drive destruction service not only erases the data off your hard drive but also delivers it to a certified metal and electronics recycler to dispose of the data for your company.

We also offer scanning services in limited markets that will help eliminate expensive storage and retrieval costs of physical documents by providing comprehensive document management solutions to help convert the documents to electronic files. 

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