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MedPro Disposal helps healthcare providers in Lewiston, ID save an average of 30% on their medical waste disposal.

Lewiston, Idaho Medical Waste Disposal Services

MedPro Disposal offers medical waste disposal, infectious sharps waste management, OSHA compliance training including bloodborne pathogens training and certification, and HIPAA-compliance document shredding and data destruction services. MedPro Disposal keeps your practice safe and compliant so you can focus on what matters most, your patients.

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Medical Waste & Sharps container disposal can be a tricky business. Call today for a free compliance check.

Expired Pharmaceuticals

MedPro Disposal’s Mail Back Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Service makes it safe and easy to adhere to requirements.

HIPAA Compliance Training


MedPro Disposal is dedicated to helping educate you and your staff on ways to make compliance a simple and hassle-free part of your life.

MedPro Disposal is here to provide you with a solution for HIPAA-compliant and secure document and data-shredding. Call Today!

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MedPro Disposal serves hospitals with their medical waste management needs, making it easy for to focus on caring for their patients.


MedPro Disposal ensures that the physician practices it serves are safe and clear of medical waste.


MedPro Disposal is here to assist dental practices with all medical waste management needs.

Managing a funeral home can be difficult, but waste management doesn’t have to be. MedPro Disposal can help with all of your biohazardous waste management needs.

MedPro Disposal provides excellent biohazardous waste management in long-term care clinics to keep these spaces clean and safe for all.

MedPro Disposal ensures that emergency care clinics have a clean environment in order to best care for those in urgent need.

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MedPro Disposal serves nursing homes to keep loved ones safe and in a medical waste-free environment.

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Work with MedPro Disposal to determine your first pickup date. We’ll confirm your office hours and provide convenient options for medical waste and sharps pickup.

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Complete a compliance survey. After we get to know your requirements, we’ll send you a survey to identify any areas that need to be brought up to OSHA standards.

All three steps occur at no additional cost to your practice. You’re on your way to safe, affordable, compliant medical waste removal!

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Lewiston, ID

Lewiston is a city in north central Idaho and the county seat of Nez Perce County. It is the second-largest city in the northern Idaho region, behind Coeur d’Alene, and ninth-largest in the state. As of the 2010 census, the population of Lewiston was 31,894, up from 30,904 in 2000.

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Medical Waste Disposal Lewiston, ID

Located in north central Idaho, the city of Lewiston apart of the Nez Perce County. It could also be found at the confluence of the Snake River and Clearwater River, 30 miles southeast of the Lower Granite Dam. The city is named as the second largest in the northern Idaho region and the ninth largest in the state. As of 2014, Lewiston’s population stands at 31,862 people. Lewiston was founded in 1861 in the wake of a gold rush that began the previous year in Pierce, northeast of Lewiston. The city would soon become the capital of the state when the territory of Idaho was established in 1861. However, being the capital would be short-lived and the city of Boise would take over this role in 1864

Today, Lewiston has an array of industries that call the city home. Some of the main industries include agriculture, paper and timer products, and light manufacturing, and education. Narrowing it down, the mainstay of those industries is the forest product mills and education. Lewiston’s location at the confluence of the Snake River and Clearwater River has made it a natural distribution point and has been the most influential factor for the success of the forest mills. The top employer of the city is a paper product manufacturer, Clearwater Paper. With the presence of Lewis–Clark State College, it is also a center for education and workforce training. Lewis-Clark State College is a public undergraduate college that was founded in 1893. The college has approximately 3,500 students and is known for its education, criminal justice, nursing, and technical programs.

The city of Lewiston has a distinct old west feel and aims to keep a pleasant small college town while still offering entertainment and amenities of a larger city. The outdoor activities it has to offer are what residents really tend to enjoy. The unique dry, temperate climate is ideal for year-round recreational activities. Some of the outdoor activities residents relish about include: rafting, fishing, jet boating, golf, camp, and hiking. If your one who likes to live on the edge, a trip to Hells Canyon will surely enthuse you. Hell Canyon is the deepest canyon in North America and provides scenic views all around.

Residents of Lewiston are fortunate enough to take advantage of amazing healthcare facilities. Some of the facilities that are located in Lewiston include: River Crest Hospital, St Joseph Region Medical Center Family, Idaho State Veterans Home, Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation, and Life Care Center of Lewiston.

Theses facilities that are mentioned above are aimed to provide the best care for the residents of Lewiston. The medical waste that is produced from these facilities are a strain, both financially and on the environment. MedPro Disposal is the solution to this issue. The specialized programs we have to offer are: medical waste disposal, pharmaceutical mailback, and OSHA compliance training.

Our affordable medical waste disposal program will ensure of the proper removal and disposal. Upon knowing your fluctuation and how often your medical waste is currently being picked up, we will develop a customized strategy for your facility. Once this plan is in place, we will start the process by providing your facility with red-lined cardboard boxes that will accumulate the medical waste. Upon your scheduled pick-up date, the boxes are collected and the process is restarted by providing your facility with brand new red-lined cardboard boxes. MedPro Disposal understand that volume of waste may change, thus we will accommodate to your needs upon your request.

MedPro disposals pharmaceutical mailback program is directly aimed towards the safe disposal of unused or expired medications. Our 2.5 gallon OTC/Rx buckets will collect theses pharmaceuticals. Once filled, simply attach the prepaid UPS return label that is provided with the bucket, and place it in the mail. To eliminate monthly bills for your facility, the bucket is a one-time flat fee. Thus, this give the opportunity to take as much time as you need to fill the bucket. 1 week or 1 year, it doesn’t matter!

Through MedPro Disposals programs, your facility will save money and can expect great reliable service. On average, the facilities that we service save 20-40% compared from their previous speed. Once again, the affordable programs that are offered include: medical waste disposal, pharmaceutical mailback, and OSHA compliance training.

Lewiston, ID Local Resources

Lewiston Police Department

Lewiston Police Department

1224 F St Lewiston, ID 83501

(208) 746-0171

City of Lewiston

City of Lewiston

P.O. Box 617 Lewiston, ID 83501

(208) 746-3671

Public Health – Idaho North Central District

Public Health – Idaho North Central District

215 10th St Lewiston, ID 83501

(208) 799-3100

Supply and Other Resources for Lewiston

Lewiston Public Works

Lewiston Public Works

1134 F St Lewiston, ID 83501

(208) 746-1316



2320 Thain Grade Lewiston, ID 83501

(208) 743-0514

Coffee & Tea For You

Coffee & Tea For You

1702 21st St Lewiston, ID 83501

(208) 746-3003

Lewiston Little-Known Facts

The town is believed to have been named after Meriwether Lewis and after Victor Trevitt’s hometown of Lewiston, Maine; but people don’t know that was the reason Vic Trevitt shouted the idea out. He simply stated the “Journal of Lewis and Clark” talked about being in the valley. The town was founded in 1861 in the wake of a gold rush which began the previous year near Pierce, northeast of Lewiston. The first newspaper in present-day Idaho, the Lewiston Teller began publication in the city of Lewiston, Washington Territory in 1862, and was joined by the present (and only) newspaper, the Lewiston Morning Tribune in September 1892.

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Why Choose MedPro Disposal for Medical Waste & Sharps Container Disposal in Maine?

Safe, affordable, fully insured medical waste management.

Reliable disposal service from an experienced provider.

Custom waste pickup and disposal solutions

OSHA, HIPAA, DOT, and other compliance training.

Methods of Lewiston Medical Waste Disposal

On-site Medical Waste Collection

Package medical waste on-site, then leave it for collection by a medical waste disposal company.

Mailback Waste Disposal

Properly package and label the sharps, then send the biohazardous waste safely through the mail for disposal.

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