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MedPro Disposal offers medical waste disposal, infectious sharps waste management, OSHA compliance training including
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MedPro Disposal’s Mail Back Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Service makes it safe and easy to adhere to requirements.

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MedPro Disposal is dedicated to helping educate you and your staff on ways to make compliance a simple and hassle-free part of your life.

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Rexburg, ID

Rexburg is a city in Madison County, Idaho, United States. The population was 25,484 at the 2010 census, up from 17,257 in 2000.

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Medical Waste Disposal Rexburg, Idaho

Rexburg is the largest city within Madison County. Its location near interstate 15 and US Highways 20 and 33 make it an easy gateway for travel. The city of Rexburg was founded in March 1883, when an intrepid group of pioneers decided to settle along the banks of the Teton River. By the time the state of Idaho was founded in 1890, Rexburg was the second-largest city in the state. This group of people would soon be the first community of Rexburg. The new community named the town after their leader, Rex, and would attract men and women who were eager to bring industry and civilization to the West.

Founding fathers of Rexburg understand that education and commerce are essential ingredients to building a strong, family-centered community. During the first year, the city was founded, the city father found time to organize Bannock Stake Academy and the first primary school in Rexburg. Only five years later, the city would the largest private junior college in the US, Ricks College. Moving towards modern-day Rexburg, Brigham Young University would be founded in 2011 in the heart of Rexburg. Today, Brigham Young University is one of the fastest growing colleges in the United States. The University attracts bright students from around the world to study in Rexburg and has nearly 15,000 attendees.

The city has a wide range of attractions that residents and visitors can enjoy. Due to Rexburg’s location, it is only about a two-hour drive to two of the best national parks in the United States, Yellowstone National Park and Teton National Park. The route to get to Yellowstone runs right through the town, making it a popular place for people to stop before entering the park. Spherically within Rexburg, people can experience the beautiful lakes, rivers, mountain and off-road recreations all in one stop. Once you have fulfilled your outdoor activities, there are local shops and fine dining establishments throughout Rexburg.

The residents of Rexburg take full advantage of the phenomenal healthcare facilities within the region. Some of the facilities include: Rexburg Medical Center, Madison Memorial Hospital, Seasons Medical, Sun Bridge Healthcare, and Madison’s Women Healthcare. It is very important that these facilities are able to focus on the patients rather than worry about secondary issues. A major issue that is seen over and over again by healthcare facilities is disposing of the mass amounts of medical waste produced at an affordable cost. MedPro Disposal offers the solution to this problem.

Through one of our cost-effective programs, MedPro Disposal can ensure of the safe disposal off you’re your medical waste at the upmost competitive price. The programs that are offered include: medical waste disposal, pharmaceutical mail-back, and OSHA compliance training.

Medical waste disposal is simplified at MedPro Disposal. Give us a call today, for a free no-hassle quote on what you will be saving when choosing us to disposal your medical waste. Upon knowing your fluctuation and average volume, you will surely want to hear our customized strategy we will develop for your facility. Our medical waste disposal program will begin by providing your facility with medical waste boxes to put your waste in. On the day of your scheduled pick up, we will collect the old cardboard boxes and restart the process by providing you with new ones.

MedPro Disposal offers unique pharmaceutical disposal for the Rexburg region. The program is officially called “pharmaceutical mail-back” due to the fact that the disposal requires you sending all unwanted or unused medications through the mail. Don’t worry about this being a hassle! This process is simplified for you due to the fact that we provide a prepaid UPS return label with our 2.5 gallon OTC/Rx bucket. This program is certified on all state and federal levels. Also, it will ensure that all unwanted or expired medications will state clear of the streets and water systems of Rexburg.

To complement our medical waste and pharmaceutical mail-back programs is MedPro Disposal’s OSHA compliance training. It is essential that your employees are certified to handle dangerous medical waste. Our training will eliminate the need to travel to a consultant. All of our training is done online, thus your employees can complete the training that the convenience of your facility. To ensure that information is being retained, multiple choice questions are given to participate after each section of the course. Once the course is completed, certificates are awarded and can be accessed online for filing purposes.

Medical cost have been on constantly been on the rise. Healthcare providers are searching for a way to cut costs but still receive reliable service. Over and over again, they are turning to MedPro Disposal for the answer. The cost-effective programs we offer are: medical waste disposal, pharmaceutical mail-back, and OSHA compliance training. Let us deal with your trash while you tend to aid the residents of Rexburg.

Rexburg, ID Local Resources

Rexburg Police Department
Rexburg Police Department
25 E Main St
Rexburg, ID 83440
(208) 359-3008
City of Rexburg
City of Rexburg
35 North 1st East
Rexburg, ID 83440
(208) 359-3020
Rexburg Health Department
Rexburg Health Department
314 N 3rd E
Rexburg, ID 83440
(208) 356-3239

Supply and Other Resources for Rexburg

Rexburg Public Works
Rexburg Public Works
12 N Center St
Rexburg, ID 83440
(208) 359-3020
Porter's Office Products
Porter's Office Products
1050 N 2nd E
Rexburg, ID 83440
(208) 356-4616
Cocoa Bean Coffee Shop
Cocoa Bean Coffee Shop
20 College Ave
Rexburg, ID 83440
(208) 359-9493

Rexburg Little-Known Facts

The city takes its name from Ricks, the German form of which is "Rex", after founder Thomas Edwin Ricks. The city was incorporated in 1883. Rexburg was severely damaged by the famous Teton Dam Flood in June 1976. The Teton River flowed through northern Rexburg, and left most of the city underwater for several days after the Teton Dam ruptured. Cooperation of the people within the community quickened the recovery. A museum dedicated to the Teton Dam Flood and the history of Rexburg and the area, located in the basement of the Rexburg Tabernacle, has been a major city landmark for decades.

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Methods of Idaho Medical Waste Disposal

On-Site Waste Pickup

On-site Waste Collection

Package medical waste on-site, then leave it for collection by a medical waste disposal company.

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Mailback Waste Disposal

Properly package and label the sharps, then send the biohazardous waste safely through the mail for disposal.